1–2 days per week at home

A little flex time

Dog friendly

Employment type
Full time
Key skills
Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing
£25000 - £40000 per annum

We're one of the leading Talent partners to the Games industry and we believe that competing for talent requires sustainable hiring models to attract diverse and skilled minds who align with the core mission of the studios who are hiring. We do this by offering hybrid solutions to the studios, offering a functional setup for talent on-demand as they need it, or by embedding ourselves into teams when they require more from their talent function. This is modular talent-as-a-service at its best.

To support our growth and evolution as a talent company, we now need someone who can level-up how we engage talent, alongside the efforts of our wonderful Studio Recruiters. We believe a good Content Specialist has the innate ability to define a narrative and tell good stories for our studio partners, that will elevate their employer brand and help support our hiring efforts.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Manage and develop a mixed suite of content across text, graphic and video formats for the Studiotypes website.
  • Develop, plan and refine the social media strategy across our core channels; Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and others.
  • Develop interesting and innovative ideas to engage our community on untested channels such as Youtube, Twitch and Discord.
  • Manage and grow our Discord Server.
  • Design and distribute creative marketing and email campaigns for talent.

We are looking for someone who understands how to build and engage communities by untapping the potential of our current and future online channels, with the aim of starting more conversations around topics of interest within the games industry communities we serve.

Anyone with proven skills in content creation, social media management, community management and marketing, preferably within the games or entertainment industries would be ideal. This specialised industry knowledge will make a huge difference in this role being a good fit.

Any bonus skills in any graphic design, videography or editing tools would an added bonus!

We have a distributed team across parts of London, Manchester and the North East of the UK, so we can facilitate applications from anywhere in the UK or Europe, as this would be a remote-first role, with the ability to support you with a hot-desk/workspace, as required, if home-working is not your thing.

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Core hours 10 - 5