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👉 See our much better-looking job description of this role on our careers page:


⚙️ The key bits

- Whereabouts: We're HQed in London but have distributed team members within BST +/- 3 hours. For this role, we prioritise candidates whose main experience is in the UK (if you are remote in the UK that's fine).

- Visas: We can sponsor a UK work visa for this role and do offer relocation for exceptional candidates.

- Interviews: 3 stages totalling around 3 hours over 2-3 weeks.

- Salary & seniority: We benchmarked a range of £60-70,000 at IC4/MN1 level in our career framework. If our advertised salary doesn’t match your current expectations, just let us know and we’re very open to discussing further.

- Reporting to: Thomas Forstner, Director of People & Talent

- More info: The FAQ below, our careers page, our handbook or ask anything.

* If our advertised salary doesn’t match your current expectations (e.g. because you see yourself as more senior), let us know and we’re open to discussing further.

🤝 Help us help the world agree more.

Juro has big ambitions: de-throne MS Word as the standard way to agree contracts online. With 3x annual revenue growth and after just being voted #1 London startup to work for in 2022, we're in a great position to do that. But we'll need more help.

Our ambition

Our approach has always been simple: hire great people, then enable those people to do impactful work sustainably. In 2022, our ambition is to ensure Juro remains the most compelling place to grow your career as we scale.

Juro is a people-first company. That means we put you first above all other stakeholders (customers and shareholders). Our work to date has paid off, most notably by being voted #1 startup with a UK presence to work for in 2022. We want to live up to that title as we move from start-upscale-up.

Our challenge today

Hiring our first People Partner is a top priority for us, now that we have a critical mass of 50 people and are aiming to (1) triple that, (2) build out our manager layer and (3) mature our offering for both our UK-based and international remote team members.

Startups aren't known for stability — they are known for being a wild west of opportunity. We don't believe you should have to choose between stability and opportunity. Our strengths today are in the consistent progression opportunities we offer high performers via our career maps, human support from managers and values embedded in our strategy, benefits and behaviours.

There are 4 focus areas that we want to be #1 at in 2022 to achieve our ambition:

💰Compensation, i.e. offering a top-tier total reward package in exchange for high performance

💝Benefits, i.e. enabling you to focus on delivering results sustainably and without distraction

🏡Environment, i.e. creating a physical, mental and global sense of belonging and togetherness

🌱Growth, i.e. enabling you to deliver better results and take more responsibility each day/month/year

🌈Bonus: Building a workplace that walks the walk on diversity, inclusion & belonging.

This way we can we defend our title and become not only be the #1 place to work for, but also a workplace that every other early-stage company wants to copy.

🌠 Where you come in

As our first People Partner, your mission is to create a second-to-none people experience for Jurors by enabling their (1) growth, (2) performance, (3) sense of purpose and (4) sense of belonging.

To achieve that, in 2022 you'll own each of the 4 focus areas (comp, benefits, environment, growth) along with clear success measures to build a resilient team — all while having a sounding board, champion, mentor, advisor and supporter in our Director of People & Talent, Thomas (that's me, hi 👋).

🏆 Success for you means:

[see the table on our careers page for that]

🎏 What you'll own:

[see our careers page for more detail on each area below]

🧤 Coaching & people partnering

🌱 Growth

♻️ End-to-end lifecycle management

💚 Employee experience & engagement

📗 People principles

🌈 Data & DEI

We will always try to make room for you to take on projects or responsibilities that you are keen on, as long as it doesn't interfere with the main results you're responsible for — if you are e.g. interested in exploring talent acquisition by hiring for a role.

🌱 Your progression with Juro:

This person would sit at IC4 level along the People Partnership career track, which I'll build out over the coming 2 months (for comparison what it'll look live when finished, check out the adjacent Talent Partnership track).

Thomas built a foundation for each of these areas so you would rarely have to start entirely from scratch, although I don't mind people tearing things down and starting anew if that's what is needed.

While you won't have direct reports to start with, we have budgeted for an additional 1-2 People resources in our hiring plan and expect you to bring people on as needed. The natural next step for you would be to become either a full-fledged people manager or strategic individual contributor depending on whether managing people or projects is more interesting to you.

🏔️ Why join us?

See our careers page for more detail on each bullet point:

🏅 Work with well-trained, experienced, supportive leaders & managers.

🎹 Leverage well-structured, scalable people processes.

🌈 Represent a company you can and want to grow.

📊 Clear targets and guidelines to measure your own success.

🌈 Join the best London startup to work for in 2022.

📬 This might be for you if...

We see an exceptional People (Ops) professional as someone who sits in the middle of a Venn diagram between:

- strategy (what should we focus on and why)

- relationships (how do you make others better)

- execution (getting things done without someone else having to re-do it)

This role will start with an emphasis on execution and relationships and gradually increase their imprint on the strategic direction of the business.

You have worked in an environment where:

- You worked in a startup that saw fast people growth in a short time (e.g. 50→150 in 1 year).

- You worked in a team that had a mix of onsite and remote employees (not just 1-2 remote, at least a considerable minority of 20% of total staff).

- You owned a number of people projects during that growth period end-to-end.

- You worked directly with multiple senior stakeholders to design and complete those projects.

- You were responsible for day-to-day engagement of the team (e.g. events, activities).

You approach work in a way that emphasises our values:


- People-first: You go the extra mile to provide a meaningful employee experience, and don't let process get in the way of moments that matter.

- Solutions-driven: We're a startup — things break. You won't have a good time here if you complain about what doesn't work rather than trying to find solutions of how it could work.


- Results-driven: You focus on reaching our OKRs / BAUs and keep your eyes on moving the needle towards them.

- Autonomous: You can do a lot with a little and don't need constant oversight to do well (though of course, you can and should always ask for guidance).


- 80% mindset: Perfectionism will slow you down here. Instead, you focus on shipping solutions that work 80% and refining from there.

- Clear communicator: No waffling, no lecturing, no beating around the bush when giving an update on a role or when answering a candidate's questions.


- Principles-driven: You work backward from the problem we try to solve rather than relying on "how others do it" or thinking that "buying that tool" will solve your problem.

- Data-driven: You know what success means for you and how to measure it.

☝️ Research shows that while men apply to jobs if they meet ~60% of criteria, women and those in traditionally underrepresented groups tend to apply only if they check all boxes. So if you think you have what it takes but don't meet every single point above, please still get in touch. We'd love to have a chat and see if you could be a great fit.

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Still not sure if this is for you? Have a look at our public handbook ( ) and our careers page ( ) to find answers on topics such as career progression, inclusion, the interview process, benefits and more.

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