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3–4 days/week at home

Core hours 11–3

Dog friendly

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3–4 days/week at home
Core hours 11–3
Dog friendly




The contract automation platform.

Help the world agree more by making contracts frictionless, collaborative and accessible to everyone.

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None of the information on this profile can be confirmed until Juro has completed the verification process with Flexa. Work for Juro? Claim this page

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Company benefits

  • Open to part-time employees
  • Open to compressed hours
  • Enhanced maternity leave – 16 weeks full pay, 12 weeks 50%, 11 weeks statutory
  • Enhanced paternity leave – 8 weeks full pay
  • Adoption leave – same as maternity leave

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Working at Juro

Company employees


Gender diversity (male:female)

39% non-male (49% excl. Engineering)

Office locations

London, Riga, Lisbon

Funding levels

What employees are saying

"It's definitely the best company culture I've experienced with regards to flexible working."

Anonymous Content Writer at Juro

Careers at Juro

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About us

Businesses run on contracts. But it can take five separate tools just to agree on one simple agreement. Switching between Word, eSignature and your inbox while you chase files creates admin for legal and friction for the business. And at a scaling business, there’s no time for contracts to block growth.

But what if your business could self-serve on contracts, while legal stays in control of contract process? That’s why we founded Juro: the all-in-one contract automation platform that helps legal counsel and the teams they enable to agree and manage contracts in one place.

Old-fashioned contract systems are built for handling static files. Juro’s flexible template editor makes it simple to create and collaborate on contracts in the browser, as well as integrate contracts into your other tools. Simple contracts are agreed faster, with better collaboration between teams.

Put contracts on autopilot — so your business can focus on growth.

Flexible working at Juro

We follow a choice-first approach that gives every Juror the choice to work remote or hybrid from day one. Whichever you choose, you are always welcome at our design-led office hub near London Bridge.

In addition:

  • We trust our team to work at the times that are optimal for them; no set or core work hours.
  • We aggressively reduce the quantity meetings to ensure people aren't unnecessarily weighed down in their flexibility by having to jump on Zoom all the time.
  • Our values specify clear behaviours to increase the quality of meetings to ensure everyone's time is well spent.
  • We design all our benefits with flexibility of choice in mind, e.g. extended parental leave, trust-based time off, wellbeing and work-from-home setup budgets and more.

For more, view our Juro Handbook.

Approach to diversity & inclusion

We follow the DIB (diversity, inclusion, belonging) approach to D&I at Juro — this means building a diverse team (across but not limited to gender, LGBTQAI+, ethnicity, faith, disability etc.) with inclusive practices that allow everyone to succeed and benefit equitably, and feel a genuine sense of belonging in the business. We do this by setting non-performative standards on:

  • Who we hire
  • What expectations we set
  • What we offer in return
  • View examples of this in practice today in our handbook. We also set a target to put an enhanced, public DIB strategy in place by the end of 2022.

    Lastly, a word on tokenism:

    • We believe doing 80% small tweaks to the way we operate is how we walk the walk and beat tokenism.
    • But we have blind spots, especially as a small growing business that builds itself at a rapid pace (we grew from 10 to 100 in 24 months).
    • If we don’t live up to the standards somewhere, it’s likely that we aren’t yet aware. So hold us to account — email thomas@juro.com if you are missing something that you'd like to see.
    What do we think of Juro?

    Juro's commitment to making their working environment as flexible as possible has really impressed us, so we're delighted to have Flexified them. It's an exciting time to join the business as they raised their Series A last year and are making significant headway on their mission to make contracts easier to manage.

    Meet who might be hiring you

    Our Talent team (that's all of them in the photo above) will be your first point of contact when you apply.

    At Juro, our values are the basis for how we behave, how we collaborate, and how we make decisions. We're a small team that flourishes on autonomy, taking ownership and constant improvement — and our team will always be there to catch you, successes and failures alike.

    If you identify with this, there's a place for you here.