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Your mission

We are looking for a Senior Developer Advocate to help us build a top-notch DevRel team and a stellar community where developer experience is a top priority.

deepset is a team passionate about natural language processing (NLP). Over the past few years, we've helped many people to learn and adopt new technologies for processing and querying unstructured text data.

Our flagship product is Haystack — an open source NLP framework for composable neural search. Our users have different backgrounds, work in different industries, and we help companies of all sizes to implement pragmatic, use-case-driven NLP. Notable examples include modern enterprise search, question answering systems, information extraction, intelligent chatbots, and more.

Our goal is to make Haystack a de-facto standard for practical NLP. We have to offer the fastest time-to-value and a clear path to build language-aware applications through open, professional and all-encompassing understanding of our users' needs and expectations.

The Haystack community is growing quickly. We talk with the users and contributors every day across multiple channels, we write content, and we do events.

As a Senior Developer Advocate, you have to ensure the NLP practitioners become successful with Haystack. Our biggest focus is to make the barrier of entry to NLP as low as possible through outstanding developer experience.

You will have a unique opportunity to:

  • Learn the modern ML/NLP stack and understand the most challenging use cases for NLP.
  • Collect and analyze developer feedback in a structured manner to bridge engineering, product, and marketing teams.
  • Interact with a community of NLP enthusiasts on a daily basis, offering advocacy, support, education, and build relationships with the most active members.
  • Be directly responsible for representing the developer's needs internally and externally.
  • Work with the most experienced and talented engineering teams around on improving Haystack-powered products.
  • Support the teams behind the documentation, how-to’s, tutorials, and blog articles. This may include writing, editing, reviewing, and owning content.
  • Help us to identify the gaps in DevRel and develop a plan for the next 6-12 months to facilitate Haystack adoption.

We would expect you to understand the advocacy, community and developer experience areas fairly well, but that doesn't mean all of it will be asked of you or mandatory. Once you are hired, we will get together and make a plan for how to approach it in the most efficient manner. You will have to do a quick research into our product and community to develop a solid understanding of what the adoption cycle looks like. You will then help us learn more about DevRel and build a stellar DevRel team together.

Our mission

Life at deepset

At deepset you will find an environment ​with equal opportunities to grow, share ideas, build relationships, and succeed. We believe every employee is important and generates a direct impact on our team’s success.

We are certified by Flexa® Careers as a flexible employer, and our remote first culture is designed to provide work-life balance, autonomy, and flexibility.

Our daily meetings, the quarterly in person "Re.Base", and the social events allow us to work with great synergy. We would like to invite you to visit our life page to learn more about our culture. ​

Your profile

  • You work in tech for 5 years or more, and you've been involved in DevRel for 3+ years.
  • You have empathy towards the community and enjoy helping people.
  • You thrive working on open source.
  • You are an active member of a developer community.
  • You are a technical storyteller and have experience of writing and managing content for developers.
  • You have delivered talks at meetups and/or conferences.
  • You have managed various communication channels that are common in DevRel (Twitter, Slack,
    Discord, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Reddit, etc.)
  • You have written and maintained code (preferably in Python, but let's discuss!).
  • You are a Linux power user.
  • You are fluent in using git and Markdown.
  • You have hands-on experience with a cloud platform.
  • You get extra points for experience as a data engineer, data scientist, or NLP practitioner.
  • You are a strong individual contributor, well-organized, curious, an avid learner, and you can define
    your own schedule.
  • You enjoy collaborating with a multi-functional team.
  • You have led or aspire to lead a DevRel team.
  • You are a good communicator and can easily initiate and maintain conversations.
  • You are proficient in spoken and written English.


  • Remote-first: You can choose to work from home or any other workspace that suits you. We offer a home office budget for equipment and furniture, and we would be happy to sponsor a co-working spot.
  • Grow: Personal and professional growth is important to us. We have a budget to learn and develop new skills the chance to speak at conferences, and our team-favorite is the monthly “Hacky Friday”.
  • Connect: We have a virtual office, a monthly social budget to reconnect virtually or in person, regular walk and talks with colleagues from other teams, and a flexible travel policy that enables you to meet colleagues in-person when needed.
  • Re:base: Once every few months we meet in person. We believe it's great to still see each other occasionally in real life. We have good discussions, we do workshops, we brainstorm, we have lunches together, and we have fun. We cover travel expenses for sure.
  • You are an owner: We offer every employee the opportunity to be enrolled in the employee stock option plan and own a part of the company.
  • Personal time off: If you want to recharge and travel the world - there are 27 days of paid holidays.
  • Choose your tech: Linux, Windows, or macOS? Laptop or PC? The choice is yours and we will provide what you need.

What colleagues say

  • "At deepset, I have regained the joy of being part of a fascinating project with an inspiring vision. The team is a highly talented, enthusiastic, and caring group of human beings. I look forward to helping our experts solve the exciting challenges of providing practical NLP on a large scale.” (Ivan, DevOps Engineer)

  • "Joining deepset has been rewarding from day one: I could work right away on challenging, interesting topics at the cutting edge of NLP with a really talented and welcoming team of engineers.” (Sara, NLP Engineer)
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A little flex time