Executive Assistant to the CEO & COO

1–2 days per week at home

A little flex time

Dog friendly

About Attest

Attest is a consumer research platform that provides confidence for every decision, with the right insight, at the right time. We do this by making it simple and fast to access your target customers and uncover opportunities with consumer data, continuously, at global scale. We call it: growth without guesswork.

Through our self-serve platform, you can access audiences of 100 million across 49 countries, get answers at record speed, and extract insight through our intuitive results dashboard, all with the guidance of our in-house experts. By removing the cost, time and complexity, you’re able to de-risk product, brand and campaign work in order to succeed more often. We’re proving that reliable consumer data can be accessible, fast and impactful for all.

The fastest scaling and fastest changing businesses work with us to learn about consumers’ needs, understand live trends, enter new markets, validate decisions, develop new products and services, measure brands, track competition, and ultimately - grow.

Our ever-expanding client roster includes notable brands such as Unilever, Santander, Walgreens/Boots, Klarna, Brew Dr. Kombucha, Trustpilot, and JCDecaux among many others. Attest is backed by investors including NEA, one of Silicon Valley's most prolific venture capital firms with over 225 portfolio company IPOs since 1977.

Executive Assistant to the CEO & COO

The mission for this role is to…

Reporting into our Operations Manager and former EA to the CEO and COO, you will be a member of our Operations team and provide support to our CEO and COO, both on day-to-day matters and longer-term strategic projects, helping the team maintain momentum and focus as we scale rapidly, optimising their time for the things that truly carry the biggest positive impact both for the wider Attest team, as well as our customers.

Your initial focus will be...

Getting to know each other: Spend time together as humans, to get a clear picture of the immediate and more long-term priorities and goals of each of the people you support, as well as personal preferences for how they like to work, who they are, and in turn, helping them understand who you are, what you’re keen to achieve now and beyond Attest, and how they can help you do your best work. We will be trusting you to maintain confidentiality and be a professional voice of Attest, both internally and externally, representing our CEO & COO. We’ll need to spend time together, to build up mutual trust and understanding; help us design how that should work.

Help bring focus and efficiency: Use your swift and sound judgement to review, update and manage the team’s busy and ever-changing calendars, based on their priorities and be an active member of the team by suggesting and improving wherever possible.

A warm and welcoming presence for all: We care about our Attesters, and we care just as much about the external folks we work with. We’ll rely on you to find the perfect balance between being a gatekeeper to help us optimise our time properly, whilst keeping the team accessible and open (if not, more accessible and open) to all. You’ll be an enabler of better, closer communication between the CEO, COO and others, as opposed to a barrier.

Diary management: Scheduling internal and external meetings, and owning the organisation (and sometimes, production) of agendas and relevant materials in line with our strategic priorities, often across different time zones and office locations.

Travel, events, and beyond: Researching, booking and arranging extensive, worldwide travel, transport, accommodation, as well as making restaurant or other bookings needed for business trips.

Another pair of eyes: Help us prepare, proofread, and in time also write parts of the documentation and materials we produce as a team, including announcements and other communications with the wider team.

Inbox management: over time, we’d like to phase in inbox management. We’d like to give you the time to settle in and get to know us and the wider team first, building trust, before we ask you to take on the task of managing our inboxes; but this is very much something we anticipate you helping with in due course.

A first-class experience for our visitors: You’ll love taking care of people, and will take fantastic care of any visitors and external meeting attendees the CEO or COO invite to the offices, from being the person visitors can message to ask questions, keeping them updated of any delays or changes in agenda, through to making sure they find our offices without any problem, and at times also taking minutes and circulating those notes afterwards. This, together with small but important details such as the room and any materials being prepped and ready, and timely picking visitors up at reception, ensures visitors have an all-around fantastic and warm experience from first contact onward; just like any other Attester. Our visitors include everyone from major brands to global venture capital investors, which is always an exciting mix. You’ll only be responsible for the CEO & COO’s visitors - our fantastic Office Manager, Deborah, takes care of visitors for the wider team.

Be one step ahead: For all ad hoc and recurring meetings and departmental events that we’re involved in, we’ll rely on you to help us proactively anticipate conflicts and solve scheduling challenges before they arise, as well as ensure recurring meetings do not expire.

Help us communicate early and often, to promote transparency: There are a lot of ideas and interesting things happening that aren’t confidential that we can and should more frequently share with the wider Attest team about what’s going on from a Strategy and Operations perspective at Attest, but we often struggle to find the time to jot them down in an easily digestible format for the wider team. You’ll have exposure to all of those things, and we’d love you to take ownership of helping us draft and share those interesting updates more frequently with the wider team, using your own personal touch and style.

Longer-term, your focus will be...

The continuous growth and development of all Attesters are important to us. Whether that growth is with us, or as you move on to new heights in your career elsewhere, we’d like to be part of that journey and support you however we can. You’ll bring your own ambitions and ideas for the future, and we’ll be excited to support you.

… and beyond: Life at a scaleup is busy, exciting, and at times chaotic, so we rely heavily on each other as a team for hands-on support. There will always be shifting priorities and new or different tasks and projects; you’ll be someone who loves variety, embraces change, and doesn’t shy away from tackling something new, totally outside your comfort zone, or taking on something that just needs an extra pair of hands.

Who you are

  • You are bright, confident and friendly, effortlessly finding balance between being personable and warm and being professional and maintaining confidentiality
  • Great observation skills, and an active problem-solver who defaults to positivity
  • You are confident to ask questions. It is ok to not have the answer to something
  • Experience in extensive travel arrangements, you adapt well to everchanging covid restrictions, staying one step ahead to ensure smooth journeys
  • You naturally make others around you feel comfortable and at ease
  • You are an absolute stickler for detail; nothing gets past you, you make the complex appear effortless
  • You enjoy speaking to people, as well as writing communications that help us aid transparency and clarity
  • You have experience working with Executive headhunting agencies on scheduling busy C-suite diaries for candidate interviews
  • You’re comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, where rapid change is the norm
  • You love being part of a team as well as being self-motivated
  • Highly organised and conscientious, while spotting, managing and resolving ambiguity
  • You are used to having access to sensitive information, and feel comfortable respecting confidentiality of that information
  • You’re calm under pressure, whilst maintaining a sense of urgency and efficiency when appropriate
  • Strong understanding of business processes and organisational budgets
  • 5+ years experience supporting leaders in a similar capacity
  • You identify with our values
  • What we’re doing at Attest - our mission, product and ambitions - excites you
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1–2 days per week at home

A little flex time

Dog friendly