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Employment type
Full time

Whereabouts: Our product teams work from everywhere within CET +/- 6 hours

Interviews: Around 6 hours over a few weeks, including some practical work

Salary: Starting* at £75,000 (€88,000) globally or $126,000 for US candidates.

* We have no “caps” on our salary, and you can read our full compensation philosophy here. If our advertised salary doesn’t suit your current expectations, just let us know and we’re very open to discussing further.

Reporting to: Your team's Engineering Manager

Ask us anything: careers@whereby.com

👀 Your mission at Whereby

As a Senior Web Engineer in a Product team, you'll play a leading role in how we build and operate the Whereby video meetings platform. You'll develop new capabilities, grow and enable your colleagues, shape the product and technical roadmap, help set ambitious goals, and collaborate closely with everyone in the team to achieve them.

📚 What Whereby is all about

Our vision at Whereby is for a world where anywhere works. We're on a mission to create a billion valuable connections by 2025— by making it just as easy to collaborate over video as it is in person.

We're well known for our consumer-facing product, Whereby Meetings, used by millions of participants on a daily basis to meet and collaborate, wherever they are. We also operate Whereby Embedded: a globally-optimised video meetings platform, used by businesses who need to offer video comms in their own products and services.

For our customers, Whereby Embedded is super easy to integrate and low-cost to maintain. We take care of the award-winning meeting experience and global scale, so they can focus on their core business. That could be healthcare, education, events, or any industry that benefits from connecting people.

For our 100+ team members, and also for our customers, we know that decoupling location from work can be life-changing. They can afford the house they want, spend less time commuting, and be where they want to be: closer to nature, to family, or wherever works for them. Everyone on our team enjoys the enormous benefits that a flexible work policy brings, and we truly believe that work — and life — is moving rapidly towards a future where anywhere works.

⛑️ Engineering at Whereby

We're currently 25+ engineers in five cross-functional teams, working in close collaboration with product managers, product designers, and user researchers. We believe in a high-ownership culture, where everyone is empowered to work strategically, drive projects, deeply understand customer problems and find the smartest solutions.

We try to ensure we're building the right thing, but also building the thing right. We dig into the data, talk to the users, prototype, and iterate. As a member of our engineering team you'll take a key role in this process and see your team's work in the hands of millions of users worldwide.

We practice DevOps — the principle that building and operating software are two sides of the same coin. We put care into making sure our systems are operationally healthy, and equip our teams to take a sustainable approach to supporting their code in production.

Engineering Managers at Whereby usually lead and manage a single cross-functional team, staffed with 6–10 engineers of varying seniority — with more senior engineers taking on responsibility for hands-on technical leadership.

Engineers at Whereby tend to be full-stack Web Engineers with a depth of expertise in a particular part of the stack (T-shaped). Our team also includes iOS Engineers, Security Engineers, Data Engineers, and Site Reliability Engineers.

🔍 What we're looking for...

We're looking for a passionate engineer who has experience of customer-centric, iterative product work in a startup – or any company that values innovation, great user experience and technical quality.

Our Web engineers work across the full stack, but have a particular specialism.

While there are some prolific generalists who work equally well across every part of the stack, we acknowledge that most people are "T-shaped" or "π shaped": having one or two key strengths and areas of interest. Getting things done at Whereby will require you to work across different parts of the stack at times — but you'll probably contribute most in the areas where you have the most expertise.

If you're coming to this role with purely front-end or back-end experience, but are keen to develop your skillset across the breadth of the stack, that's great too.

We believe in everyone

We fundamentally believe talent is distributed to all of us in equal measure. We open our doors (physical or url) to everyone and we see our differences as a strength; it’s this philosophy that drives us towards our mission.

This means we see your unique history as having a value money cannot buy; we believe in the strength of every intersection of race, religion or belief, ethnic origin, different physical ability, family structure, socio-economics, age, nationality or citizenship, marital, domestic or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, gender identity.

⚒️ The nuts and bolts of the role

Please do not see everything in this job ad as "must have", but rather a guiding list of what we're looking for. We know that no candidate will be the perfect match for all we've mentioned in this posting, so don't be afraid to apply if you feel you're close to the brief but not "spot on"

Your attributes: You may be just the right person if others have described you as...

  • Structured
  • Collaborative
  • Empathetic
  • Diligent
  • Pragmatic

Your previous experience: You may be a good fit if you...

  • Have worked as a full-stack software engineer using web technologies,
  • Are self-driven and take responsibility for product outcomes, doing whatever's necessary to make things happen,
  • Enjoy working in distributed teams and working cross-functionally with Product managers, designers, user researchers and other engineers,
  • Have strong JavaScript fundamentals — we use React & Node.js, and many of our projects employ TypeScript,
  • Write code to be maintained — with good documentation, tests, and commit history,
  • Enjoy the challenge of continuous learning, and sharing your knowledge,
  • Have built user interfaces using modern browser APIs, to a high standard of accessibility,
  • Have designed backend systems and APIs to a high standard of security, reliability and operability,
  • Are familiar with some of the technologies we use to run our platform (such as AWS, Docker, Terraform)

🌟 How we'll measure your success

  • You’re delivering work that has measurable business impact and value to customers – early and often,
  • You’re a self-sufficient member of our team, actively scoping work and driving projects forward,
  • You’re fully engaged in the product development life cycle, helping to shape your team’s roadmap,
  • You’re raising the bar for technical quality and sharing your expertise.

Strategic responsibilities

  • Work with your product team to understand customer needs and develop the product roadmap for your area
  • Contribute your expert opinion on the scope and feasibility of the initiatives your team considers.
  • Help shape our approach to shipping regular customer value and learning quickly from the things we build.

Tactical responsibilities

  • Contribute to a diverse engineering culture based on customer-centricity, high-quality code, data-driven decisions, technical innovation and business impact.
  • Develop and test product improvements that solve for customer needs in new and interesting ways.
  • Collaborate with other engineers inside and outside of the team, helping them to do their best work and deliver projects according to our values and brand.
  • Understand the important technical differentiating factors of our product, and leverage those in our architecture.

Foundational responsibilities

  • Discuss insights on how customers use our product and make suggestions for how we can constantly improve the user experience and grow the customer base.
  • Take part in scoping how new features can be built, and how customer needs can be met, while making pragmatic technical trade-offs.
  • Write maintainable and performant code, with tests and documentation in case you get eaten by a yeti.
  • Collaborate with your team on getting things done. Share your progress, review each other’s code and help each other out with constructive feedback.
  • Participate in your team's on-call rota; monitor and support your software in production.

Your Progression

You’ll be working in one of our Product teams, and you’ll work directly with your Product Manager on your day-to-day priorities. You’ll report to an Engineering Manager who will work with you on your progression – aiming to make sure you’re happy, challenged and doing the best work of your career every day. They’ll also help you find training and development opportunities.

We offer career progression routes for individual contributors, technical leaders, and managers. You don’t need to become a team lead or manager in order to progress here. It’s all about the impact you’re able to have. And there’s no shortage of opportunity to have an impact at Whereby – on the product, the business, the approach we take to product development and engineering, and on your colleagues.

You've read all this way... you may as well apply! 🙌

If you have any more questions, take a peek at our Recruitment FAQ on Notion or drop us an email to careers@whereby.com. You can always read more about Whereby here on our open handbook.

Note: We perform background checks on certain roles. For more information about how and why we carry out background checks, this document is a great starting point. For anything further, please email careers@whereby.com or your Talent Partner. Whereby’s background checks will be carried out by Zinc.

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