Senior iOS Developer - Swift/SwiftUI


A little flex time

Employment type
Full time

Boxes to tick:

  • 5+ years of Obj C and Swift

  • Experience with Cocoa Touch / third-party libraries and APIs

Bonus points:

  • Version control with GIT / Bitbucket

  • Experience using Core data

  • Core Animation, Core Graphics, Core Text

  • Personal projects in App Store

Further information:

We design in-house and you would be working with designs supplied in Adobe XD or Zeplin. We also have a hawk-eye testing team who will keep you on your toes!

Unsurprisingly we are looking for someone who can write clean code and participate in the entire application lifecycle, working on coding and debugging. Someone who is good at documenting the code, and who enjoys building reusable code and libraries. Someone who phones their mother at least once a week.

Our ideal candidate will be a keen follower of trends in mobile development, and not afraid to speak up to propose the introduction of new approaches and technologies. We are very focused on delivering the best possible UX, and everyone who works for us contributes to the conversation about what that means for our Apps.

These days the word 'Senior' in a job title can mean many things. We're open to applicants with a range of experience and abilities, but you must be passionate about producing apps which make people go 'wow, that works really well'. We'll pay you well, both in terms of salary and job satisfaction.

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A little flex time