Senior Software Engineer

Hofy | London, UK
Flexible hours
Various work from home options
Employment type
Full time

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Hofy is redefining the way organisations oversee their remote and hybrid workplaces. We centralise and automate workplace management processes so businesses can focus on what they do best! Improving a company’s onboarding processes is at the core of what we do and to do that we are building our own incredibly talented team with big growth targets over the next two years. 

The Role: 

  • Design & implement new features end to end
  • Improve, maintain and refactor existing functionality
  • Ensure the codebase is clean, readable, well tested and maintainable.
  • Work closely with other members of your product team (PMs, designers, engineers) to ensure the software works how it should
  • Code Reviews and encouraging good engineering practices within the team. 


  • Experience working with Go to build web applications and solve engineering challenges. 
  • Experience with SQL databases
  • Comfortable working in a high performance, multi-disciplinary product team, working in an agile way
  • Problem driven, rather than technology-driven, i.e. you enjoy improving people's lives through code and don't mind which technology you use to do so.

Bonus points

  • Experience with Typescript and React
Flexible hours
Various work from home options