Company Wellbeing Allowances Need To Be Flexible

17th Mar 2021

A guest post with INSHUR.

INSHUR's ‘most valued’ benefit (according to an internal survey they ran in December 2020), is their generous ‘Flexible Wellbeing Allowance’.

We've been asking our Flexified partners all about the benefits that they're most proud of, so that other companies can see what they're doing right, and candidates can see which companies offer the benefits that they want the most.

Wellbeing allowances have become more popular during lockdown as companies wanted to tend to their employee's mental and physical wellbeing from afar, and given their success and huge uptake, we think that wellbeing allowances are here to stay!

Flexible wellbeing allowance

At INSHUR we care deeply about our team's wellbeing, both physical and mental. We believe both go hand-in-hand and we treat them both as equally important. 

We want to encourage everyone at our company to help us create a workplace where speaking about health - mental or otherwise - is not only perfectly acceptable but an essential part of our ongoing quest for everyone’s overall wellbeing. 

We offer a fantastic mental health policy which includes access to talking therapy through our private healthcare scheme, fully trained Mental Health First Aiders across the business, a sickness policy which doesn’t differentiate between physical and mental sickness and a learning and development tool which includes a budget provided by us for team members to purchase meditation/yoga apps/podcasts if they would like. 

Our ‘most valued’ benefit (according to an internal survey we ran in December 2020), is our generous ‘Flexible Wellbeing Allowance’.

This allowance is added onto every team member's pay packet at the end of the month to use on anything that will help them with their physical/mental health, help them to stay productive, and/or make WFH arrangements easier. 

And what makes this allowance so flexible? They don’t have to show us a receipt, so are given complete freedom over how they choose to spend their allowance!

We have found this benefit has helped our team members feel more valued and appreciated, particularly during these unprecedented times when mental health conditions are on the rise and work perks can make all the difference! These are just a few of the things our team have either purchased or have used their Flexible Wellbeing Allowance to put towards:

  • Online gym memberships/fitness classes
  • Wellbeing activities i.e. massage/yoga
  • House plants
  • Utility bills
  • Nutritious food packages i.e Hellofresh / Mindful Chef
If you like the sound of INSHUR's approach to wellbeing, then check out their company page and open roles.