Welcome to the Flexa VC Program!

We're so excited to be partnering with forward-thinking VCs across the world to bring Employer Branding to more and more startups and scale-ups.

Here's the list of our current partners.

  • Ada Ventures

    Ada Ventures is a VC that finds and funds extraordinary talent-building breakthrough ideas for the hardest problems we face.

  • Atomico

    Atomico is an international investment firm that focuses on helping disruptive technology companies scale globally.

  • Auxxo

    Auxxo is a venture capital fund that invests alongside the best female founders in Europe. They aim to raise awareness about the importance of driving diversity in the investment world.

  • Earlybird Capital

    Earlybird invests in all development and growth phases of technology companies and is among the most experienced venture investors in Europe.

  • Founders Factory

    Founders Factory builds and funds startups together with exceptional entrepreneurs and the world's leading companies.

  • Frontline

    Frontline is a venture capital firm for globally ambitious B2B companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • TMV

    TMV is an early-stage investment firm that focuses on the future of living well.

  • QVentures

    QVentures is a Venture Capital firm that provides direct investment opportunities and fund management.