Senior Software Engineer

Employment type
Full time
Key skills
Software Development, Engineering, Agile, Agile / Scrum
£45900 - £63000 per annum

Made Tech are public sector technology delivery experts. We help the UK public sector, from health to government, transform the way they deliver technology.

We're now a team of 145 people across 5 locations (London, Manchester, Bristol and Swansea), and plan to treble in size over the next 3-4 years.

We are looking for Senior Engineers with a particular penchant and love for cloud, automation, slick tooling, and empowering software delivery by coaching teams in true DevOps fashion. While we are looking for those with significant experience working with AWS this role remains a full stack and polyglot role as with all of our Software Engineering roles.

Our Senior Engineers combine technical excellence, drive to deliver, and coaching, to achieve outcomes for our customers and their users, and to establish strong engineering cultures within our customers organisations. They find themselves working on a variety of different problems from monoliths to microservices, upskilling colleagues and customers, always finding themselves learning from others, while constantly striving to be nice humans :)

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Hiring at Made Tech continues as usual. Our team are now all working remotely so all interviews will be facilitated remotely too. Hopefully this will still be a good experience for candidates. (feedback welcome)

We're even setup to on-board any new starters remotely should we need to. All our projects are setup to continue remotely as well :)

What does the job entail?

We primarily write and deliver custom software for the public sector. We work across central and local government, as well as in health, and our past lies in the technology startup world. Technical excellence for us isn’t about delivering to feature lists. We place a strong emphasis on outcome-based delivery; ensuring our customer’s goals are understood and achieved with the technology we deploy.

High performing software delivery teams need to be empowered to iteratively and rapidly deliver changes all the way through to production. To do this we combine our extensive cloud automation knowledge with DevOps culture.

We've been using AWS from the start and as Advanced Partners are go to experts within the public sector. We use a range of IaaS, PaaS and FaaS depending on the needs of our users, in this case software teams, such as EC2, Lambda, ECS, Kubernetes, Heroku, CloudFoundry, Azure App Services, and more. We use VPC and PrivateLink for connecting to on-premise, legacy systems. We also use API Gateway, S3, CloudFront, SQS, SNS, SES, RDS, and many other services provided by AWS.

We ensure we document our architecture and infrastructure as code, using technologies such as Terraform and OpenAPI. Containerisation is a big part of empowering our teams to develop, deploy and scale their applications, but so too is using AWS Lambda and avoiding the complexity of stateful services altogther. Right tool for the job.

For us, DevOps is about culture rather than roles and titles. Even though this role is for someone with strong DevOps experience, the biggest impact you will have is coaching and helping teams use the platforms you build. You won't be building infrastructure in isolation or charged with deploying other peoples work into production. You'll empower teams with the mantra: you build it, you run it!

Our teams have used Ruby with Rails and Sinatra, ES6 with React and Angular 2, C# with .NET Core. We don’t limit ourselves as a company and we expect all our Engineers to be keen on learning new technologies. Automation is important to our teams, so we make sure there is a CD pipeline set up to build, test, and release many times per day.

We grow a team of polyglot programmers, which you might already consider yourself to be, who are versed in a mix of paradigms such as object-oriented, functional, declarative, event-based and aspect-oriented. To create this environment our Senior Engineers need to embrace sharing their knowledge and skills with others, and they need to keep an open mind – we’d love to hear some examples of mentoring, coaching and growing team members. Maybe you will have written some blog posts about your discipline, or perhaps even delivered a talk or two.


What experience are we looking for?

  • While we will look for you to have experience in these things, if you don’t have one of these don’t let that stop you applying.
  • Deep working knowledge of developing and maintaining AWS infrastructure
  • Written code with tests
  • Delivered in an agile environment
  • Worked with more than one programming language
  • Worked with databases
  • Worked with APIs
  • Debugging experience in a range of systems
  • Evidence of self-development – we value keen learners
  • Drive to deliver outcomes for users
  • Desire to mentor others
  • Empathy and people skills

Optional experience

Don’t forget to mention any of the experience listed below. While it’s optional, it’s all highly desired!

  • AWS DevOps Professional Qualification
  • Experience using a wide-breadth of AWS services including EC2, Lambda, ECS, EKS, API Gateway, S3, CloudFront, SQS, SNS, SES, RDS, etc.
  • Consultancy
  • Working directly with customers and users
  • Working within multidisciplinary teams with product, design, and technology working within the same cycles
  • Showcasing and presentation skills
  • Agile practices such as Scrum, XP, and/or Kanban
  • Pair programming – we pair around 50% of the time
  • Writing code with test-driven development
  • Component-based design techniques such as using pattern libraries, styled-components, CSS-in-JS, BEM, and/or SUIT CSS
  • Debugging infrastructure
  • The React ecosystem including a test-driven approach
  • Infrastructure as code technology like Terraform and Cloud Formation
  • Familiarity with architectural and design patterns
  • Use of architectural decision records
  • Writing blog posts and giving talks


Balancing life and work:

✈️ Flexible Holiday – We trust you to take as much holiday as you need

🕰️ Flexible Working Hours – We are flexible with what hours you work

🗓️ Flexible Working Days – We are flexible to the amount of days you work in a week

👶 Flexible Parental Leave – We provide flexible parental leave options

👩‍💻 Remote Working – We offer part-time remote working for all our staff

🤗 Paid counselling – We offer paid counselling as well as financial and legal advice

🏖️ Paid anniversary break – We celebrate your 3 and 5 year anniversary with us by buying your family a holiday

Making work as fabulous as possible:

💻 Work Ready – We'll buy you a Macbook, ergonomic equipment, books, conferences, training, and more

💡 Learn Tech – We spend every Friday afternoon learning rather than working

🍽️ Friday Lunches – We randomly match up 8 colleagues every Friday and pay for lunch

🍻 Friday Drinks – We pay for social drinks on a Friday

Compensating you fairly:

💷 Transparent Salary Bands – We publish salary bands so you know you're being fairly compensated

👌 Annual Salary Reviews – We review your salary on an annual basis

⛷️ Pension Scheme – We provide a pension scheme so you can save for your future and we'll contribute to it

🚄 Season Ticket Loan – We provide loans to help you pay for your travel

🚲 Cycle To Work Scheme – We offer the cycle to work scheme to help pay for your bicycle

🚕 Expenses Paid – Taxi to a meeting? Want to take a customer to lunch? Expenses are no hassle!

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