Why You Should Want To Join A People First Company

1st Sep 2021

A feature post from Boldly, written by Devin Drake.

Many people have asked us over the years: “why such an emphasis on your team when you are clearly a service company?” The answer is simple: there is no “service” without great people. At Boldly our team is at the heart of us. Through shared values, together we power a culture of kindness, and an appreciation for flexible and remote work coupled with a desire to exceed expectations. This “power engine” has fuelled our growth since our inception in 2012. The first line of Boldly’s company description on Instagram says it all, we are – first and foremost “an employee focused company.”

And we aren’t the only ones! Did you know that People-First Jobs specialises in featuring amazing companies that focus on supporting their teams as part of a healthy and friendly work environment? Companies like HelpScoutWildbit, and Zapier are just a few of the businesses that have been vetted and manually reviewed as a People First company.

Want to join a People First company?

If you are looking to join a People First company, here are a few things to look out for during your job search.

Is there a distinct company culture with a set of shared values?

People First companies share about their people! So the first thing you should notice when visiting their website is who their people are and what makes them tick. Can you tell what brings everyone who works there together? Does the company use specific words to define what matters to them, and do those words resonate with you? This is what makes for a healthy and strong culture. Do your research, reach out to employees on LinkedIn to verify your assumptions, follow the company on social media, and check out employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor. You should very quickly find out about a common denominator known as shared values and company culture.

What's it like to work at a People First company?

People First companies usually have a very transparent way of working, and happily share what it’s like to be part of the team. You should be able to easily find videos, photos, or articles giving you an inside look of what it’s like to work there. You can also look for special awards and 3rd party recognitions such as being accredited as a Great Place to Work for example. In addition, look for employees themselves publicly sharing about their experience and enthusiasm of the work environment.

What does their social media say about them?

Do their posts align with your career goals and values? What types of content are they sharing and do you see real people enjoying their work or do you only see stock photos without any glimpse of who the company is? What colorus do they use and what do those colours evoke for you? Look for signs of a healthy workplace including team-building, leadership support, and a positive work environment.

Can you work remotely if needed?

One thing 2020 has taught us is remote work is here to stay. While a company doesn’t need to be remote to treat its employees well, having remote work capabilities shows a company is prepared to go remote should the need arise and they are willing to put the needs of their team first. Whether it be attending medical appointments, caregiving for a family member, or a flexible schedule to cover child care needs, remote working enhances work-life balance and knowing it’s an option if you need it is reassurance that the company cares about its people.

Can you work flexible hours?

Life doesn’t always happen the way we plan and if something comes up, the ability to flex your work and shift your schedule is a huge relief during a time when you need it most. Look for companies who take into consideration the full life of employees – not just what is seen “at work”. Is the company more concerned about “outputs” and productivity or about you “clocking in the hours”? Most People First Companies have a fundamental belief that work-life balance and work-life integration are paramount for long term success.

Can you work sensible hours?

Employees who are working hours that aren’t well suited for them are more likely to experience fatigue, added stress, and lack of attentiveness. Before you apply to a job opportunity do some digging to find out what your schedule is likely to be like. Nothing is more disheartening than starting a new position only to find out you have to be “online” 24/7. You can also learn a lot by what employees say about work expectations and what drives or motivates them. If employee reviews talk a lot about the competitive mindset of the company, you can bet you that these people work long hours and way past a normal business day to “stay on top!”

What do employee reviews say about the company?

We’ve talked about it throughout — you may not be able to pick up the phone and talk to a current employee, but you can visit their Glassdoor and read employee reviews. These little nuggets of information can give you insight to the leadership, the company culture,  and work expectations. Just as proud companies love to share about their team, happy employees love to share about their great employer.
Isn’t it true that the company you keep really makes a difference to the quality of your day? After all, most of us spend a lot of our waking hours “at work” so that’s a lot of time to influence your overall happiness! People First companies have recognised that at the heart of every business are the people that keep the wheels turning – and that’s really what makes them a great place to work!
To find out more about Boldly and their latest opportunities, check out their company page.