Finally, a career on your terms.

As a 100% remote company, we believe the best work is done when you feel best, in an environment that suits you. Our culture and values are all about creating rewarding partnerships for our team and our clients, with a focus on performance, on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

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Fully flexible hours

Benefits at Boldly

Open to part-time employees
Enhanced maternity leave
Enhanced paternity leave
Work from anywhere scheme
Work from home allowance
Flexible hours
100% remote (work from home)
A positive company culture that understands work/life balance
Ongoing mentorship to help you succeed
A fun and collaborative team environment

About Boldly

Boldly is an award winning remote staffing company offering flexible, long-term positions to talented individuals who want a rewarding career supporting companies they are passionate about. Boldly focuses on providing senior, experienced, and highly-skilled remote staff across a variety of disciplines like executive admin support, marketing, project management, and more.

Here’s how it works: as one of Boldly’s team you’ll be working remotely to support 2-3 of Boldly’s clients on long-term assignments, usually 1-2 years each. You are a Boldly employee and team member, so while you are working with other companies, you are still very much a part of the Boldly team, supported by your team leader and our culture of caring, camaraderie and team spirit.

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