Why Professional Work From Home Jobs Are So Hard To Find

16th Mar 2021

The demand for flexible working

As demand for flexible working hits an all-time-high, more professionals are expecting to permanently work from home for at least part of the week. But genuine flexible jobs aren’t easy to come across and you can waste hours searching job sites for your ideal role. In fact, 92% of people want flexibility in their next role.

For many city workers, Lockdown was the first opportunity to regularly work from home instead of commuting to the office each day. Now that they have seen the benefits of working remotely, a large number of professionals don’t want to return to the office full time and would prefer a flexible working contract, where they spend part of their week in the office and part of their week working from home.

A recent survey of city workers showed the majority expect to continue working from home for at least one day a week after Lockdown. The overwhelming reason that professionals want flexible working options is to achieve work-life balance. They state not having to commute as the number one advantage of working from home, closely followed by spending more time with family or dogs, and having more opportunities to exercise during the day.

Why are work from home jobs hard to find?

Given the increasing pressure for flexible working to become a universal option across industries, why are well-paid work from home jobs still so hard to find? A main reason is that recruitment advertising is still catching up and employers are failing to clearly state whether their roles are truly flexible jobs or not. Many employers are in the process of devising flexible working policies and putting measures in place to make working from home a viable option for their company. Other employers genuinely offer flexible working but are not stating it clearly in their job adverts. Being able to work form home for part of the week is becoming the expectation of many professionals, and new flexible working options must be reflected by employers in recruitment advertising.

Experienced professionals shouldn’t have to trawl the internet and spend hours searching for well-paid flexible jobs. Wouldn’t it be great to have a jobs platform set up purely for flexible working professionals and flexible companies?

Find a flexible job

Only companies verified as truly flexible are allowed to advertise on Flexa Careers, so you can trust that the role you apply for is a genuinely flexible job. Flexa verifies companies in 3 ways - flexible working hours, working from home and dog friendly offices - and every flexible job advert details which of those three things is offered. On Flexa, you can browse professional flexible jobs from some of the best brands in your industry and receive tailored job matches straight to your inbox, to be sure you never miss out on your ideal flexible working opportunity.