What Is Remote First?

12th Dec 2022

Remote-first is a flexible working arrangement where companies have a centralised office but prioritise remote working. Employees then can decide where they wish to work, whether that's remote the majority of the time, a few days in the office and a few days remotely, or something else that fits their working needs better.

Remote-first companies will also often come together for team meet-ups on an infrequent basis. E.g. monthly or quarterly.

Remote-first is different to fully remote because in fully-remote environments there is no physical office.

What are the benefits of remote-first working?

Recruit top talent

Being a remote-first company sets you apart by giving employees choice as to where they want to work. With the opportunity for remote work, it widens your talent pool, but having a physical office caters for those who enjoy being in the office, whether that be full-time or a couple of times per week. 

Cost savings

Having an office can be a costly expense, particularly if you’re located in larger cities, with fewer employees in the office and you’ll require a smaller space. It’s essential to be mindful of the security risks of working remotely; with the proper training and tools, this can be managed. 

Positive environmental impact

Working remotely may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions; someone who used to commute daily by car now works from home. Helping to also reduce traffic, particularly during rush hour, which has an effect on air quality and pollution. 

Increased productivity

Giving employees a choice on where they want to work allows them to decide where they work most productively - whether from the office, remotely or a combination of both. 

What companies offer remote-first work?

TELUS International

They have an incredible 91% FlexScore with a global community of 1 million+ member to help customers collect, enhance, train, translate and localise their content to build better AI models. Find out more about them on their company page. 

Emerald Group

Bringing research to life - they offer some incredible company benefits, including 30 days annual leave + bank holidays, shared parental leave, open to compressed hours and much more. 


They empower young people to build the capabilities for long-term mental health. They offer remote-first work alongside a co-working space plus a long list of great company benefits, including a work-from-anywhere scheme and work-from-home allowance.

By Miles

With a mission to make life fairer By Miles offer pay-by-mile car insurance. Their company benefits extend from pregnancy loss leave and shared parental leave through to sabbaticals and a work-from-home allowance. 

The Information Lab

A data analytics consultancy business with company benefits from a co-working space allowance, work-from-home allowance and a work-from-anywhere scheme. Find out what employees think about them on their company page.