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What are the Pioneer Awards?

15th Sep 2023

Welcome to the first ever Flexa Pioneer Awards!  

We’re finally putting the spotlight on the people who make great companies great: the people-people. 

People-people are crucial to the success of every company. They find you the talent that drives you forwards, and they’ve taken on an increasingly strategic role in the past few years – often taking on responsibility for mental health, diversity and inclusion, culture, EVPs, Employer Branding and team happiness. 

It’s time to shout about all this hard work. 

Why did we decide to start the Pioneer Awards? 

At Flexa, we’ve been recognising companies with brilliant EVPs, fantastic flexible work policies, amazing cultures, and highly engaged teams for years. 

Our Flexa100 Awards and Industry Awards recognise the companies and their brilliant work, but we realised that we’ve not been doing enough to shout about the people who make all of this happen. After all, a company’s EVP, culture and policy is the responsibility of a people team, or person. 

That’s how the Pioneer Awards came about – we felt it was high time to put the people who make the future of work a reality front and centre. 

When are the Pioneer Awards?

We’ll be announcing the Pioneers List on the 5th October 2023 – keep an eye out for updates on LinkedIn, and get ready for some great profiles and interviews with the Pioneers! 

We’re recognising people from across the globe who have made a significant impact to the culture and EVP of their company, and to the evolving world of work as a whole.

How did we decide who to recognise? 

We are lucky to have insight into the most flexible companies and best teams in the world. We’ve used our own data along with external research, and have had many, many discussions between the senior team of Flexa to identify who to include.

We searched for people who changed their company culture, established new policies, hit targets, and strategically impacted the direction of their company and team. 

We looked at the Pioneers' impact as a whole: internally, externally, and in their contributions to the wider discussion of the future of work. 

Know someone who should make next year’s list? Let us know who we should have our eye on.