Powering Your Startups Rapid Growth On A Budget

24th May 2023

Building a successful team is not an easy task, and for startups and scale-ups, finding and attracting the best talent can be an even bigger challenge - no one knows who you are yet! 

As a fellow startup, we know that the early stages of your journey are crucial; when time is of the essence and your brand is still taking shape, every decision makes a difference, especially when it comes to the people you hire and retain. This is where Employer Branding comes in. 

We've been able to craft an extraordinary Employer Brand that has revolutionised our hiring process and startup growth since day one. With a strong Employer Brand, we've eliminated the need to spend a single penny on recruitment. We understand the strategies that truly work and those that don't, enabling you to build the foundations that position you as a sought-after employer, even if your company isn't widely recognised (yet!).

At Flexa, we love that 35% of our member companies are startups. We enable these startups to achieve rapid startup growth and remarkable hiring outcomes without engaging with countless recruiters and candidates that don’t fit your needs. We simplify and streamline the process for startups, eliminating the time and resource constraints typically faced by larger companies.

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Accelerate your startup/scale-ups potential 

We understand the importance of building an outstanding team. Without your team, the path to success can seem out of reach. And you’ll already know that navigating the challenges and pressures that come alongside building a startup or scale-up is stressful enough. 

We empower founders like you with the tools you need. Our resources will equip you with the essential knowledge you need to attract and retain top-tier talent, ensuring that you have the best possible team by your side.

Here's what you’ll learn with us:

  • How to craft a competitive EVP
  • How to build a killer Employer Brand
  • How to build a company culture that prioritises growth
  • How to establish a successful People function
  • How to make your People team a strategic part of the business

And here’s what you can expect to receive as a Flexified company:

  • Be seen by hundreds of thousands of people
  • Get your company discovered through our flexibility filters
  • Appeal to millions of people across all social channels
  • Make a meaningful impact in DEI through our diverse userbase
  • Build strong SEO foundations for hiring

The power of a strong Employer Brand for startups and scale-ups

Employer Brand holds immense power for startups and scale-ups, acting as a catalyst for growth, attracting top talent, and cultivating a thriving workplace culture. Here’s what a killer Employer Brand can do for you:

Gain access to high-quality and diverse talent

A compelling Employer Brand not only attracts talent but also brings in high-quality and diverse candidates who genuinely believe your company is the best place for them. Showcasing your company's values, mission, and inclusive culture means you can create an irresistible appeal that resonates with individuals from different backgrounds and experiences.

Build aligned and long-term teams

Building teams with both cultural and technical fit is crucial. Candidates who are aligned with your company's values and vision are more likely to stay longer in their roles, contributing to higher employee retention rates. This continuity and stability within your teams builds an environment that drives collaboration, innovation, and long-term success.

Make talent a strategic part of your business

At the end of the day, your company can only ever be as good as its people. A strong Employer Brand elevates the importance of talent, attracting individuals who are not just skilled but also aligned with your company's mission, values, and growth trajectory. These are the individuals who become integral to your success.

A strong Employer Brand is your most powerful talent asset! It not only attracts top people to your team but also provides access to high-quality, diverse candidates who believe in your company's vision. It helps build aligned and long-term teams, ensuring a cultural and technical fit that sets you up for exponential growth. 

Say goodbye to recruitment challenges and hello to Employer Branding with Flexa!

Start showing off everything your company has to offer from your awesome culture, mission, and values, and begin creating a buzz that's hard to resist.