Improve Your Employer Brand With Our Flexa Membership

10th Jun 2022

Our Flexa membership is one of a kind! 

In a nutshell, Flexa enables you to boost your employer brand and discoverability, whilst helping you to attract the right candidates to your company, improve DEI, and reduce hiring costs.

How can Flexa help improve employer brand?

Did you know? 68% of companies do not outwardly publicise their flexible working policies

Having the Flexa seal of approval will help you to get discovered as being a great place to work, getting exposure to tens and thousands of candidates looking for flexible workplaces.

What you can do with your Flexa membership?

Below you can find out some of the ways you can utilise your Flexa membership.

Enhance your job descriptions

We have assets and tips that you can apply to your job descriptions. Following our recommendations will not only help to improve candidate trust, but also show that you are independently recognised as a flexible workplace. 

We also have some other hints and tips on how to improve job descriptions.

Improve SEO visibility 

Adding the Flexa employer accreditation to your company website, and linking through to your Flexa company page can help improve your SEO visibility for ‘flexible working’, and associated terms. It also makes it much easier for candidates to be able to find out about your company's working environment.

Improve social reach

If you are sharing a role on your social channels you can mention that you are Flexified; we’ll engage and share to improve your reach. We will also tag you into any features we do for your company. To get even more exposure you can help by making sure you and your employees share these.

We reached 3 million people in the last quarter through our social channels, so it’s always worth tagging and engaging!

Access to branded marketing and collaboration opportunities

There are plenty of branded marketing and collaboration opportunities across our website and social media channels. Whether it’s about some of the benefits you offer, from parental leave to work from anywhere schemes, dog friendly offices, or something else, we’re here for it. 

We’ll reach out about collaboration opportunities on a monthly basis, but we’re always happy to hear thoughts and new ideas from our Flexified companies on how, and what we can collaborate on.

Get exclusive discounts 

You'll have access to exclusive discounts with our fantastic partners including, Perkbox, Hubble, Deel, and Hofy, what’s not to love about that!