Flexification: A Guide To Showcasing Workplace Flexibility

14th Apr 2023

What is Flexification? 

Flexification is a patented 2-step verification process that assesses a company’s working environment on six core areas, surveys a significant portion of employees to determine employee satisfaction, and verifies those six critical flexibility metrics. 

  • Location
  • Hours 
  • Benefits
  • Senior leadership 
  • Trust and autonomy 
  • Work-life balance
The overall process takes just 30 minutes – it couldn’t be easier! 

What is a FlexScore? 

The FlexScore tells you exactly how flexible a company is. 

We have distilled years of research and millions of data points to benchmark and score work environments against areas that employees actually care about.

To determine a company’s FlexScore, each company must undergo the 2-step verification process. From the Flexification process, you’ll receive an overall FlexScore and individual scores relating to the six key areas employees care about most; location, hours, benefits and more. 

Let's dive into the Flexification process so you can showcase your workplace flexibility and get noticed by hundreds of thousands of talented candidates. 

What is the process of getting Flexified?

Step 1: Company benchmarking 

The first step involves assessing a company's environment against industry benchmarks on key factors such as location, working hours, benefits, and flexibility. To make this accurate, we have analysed millions of data points from companies all over the world, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes an average and truly flexible organisation. 

Companies listed on Flexa must achieve a minimum Flexscore of 50%, indicating above-average performance, before moving to the next stage.

Step 2: Employee surveying

The second stage of Flexification is to survey current employees to gather insights into their working experiences. To ensure a fair comparison across different working environments, we utilise perception-based questions, such as "How well do you perceive the senior leadership team to model and support flexible working in your company's flexible working culture?".

These questions are designed to assess six key areas: location, working hours, benefits, senior leadership, trust & autonomy, and work-life balance, and to verify that the company's policies align with employees' experiences. A minimum number of employees must participate in the survey to ensure statistical significance, with the sample size varying based on the company's size. We’ll tell you when you reach the threshold.

Each survey takes only a minute to complete. 

From this, we'll give you a FlexScore. Our users trust that our FlexScore is a reliable indicator for companies listed on Flexa - it’s double verified, and the Flexification seal is only accessible to companies who have passed this process. 

What are the benefits of Flexification?

Flexible working is the top demand of employees, with a staggering 92% expressing a desire to work more flexibly. Becoming a Flexified company opens up your business to hundreds of thousands of job seekers searching for flexible roles and trusting Flexa to give them the honest, factual information they want.

Flexible working adds significant value to your employer brand, and we actively promote Flexified companies through email and social media channels to raise awareness about their exceptional benefits.

Being on Flexa gives you an excellent opportunity to publicise your flexible working arrangements, perks, and benefits to attract the best talent. 

Obtaining the Flexification Seal will also enable you to:

Instantly boost your employer brand 

Establishing a world-class employer brand can be challenging. However, with Flexa, the task becomes more straightforward. In your dashboard, you can track your performance in real-time - seeing how many jobseekers view and save your profile.

Improve DEI

The most inclusive work environments offer flexibility. Being verified by Flexa is a testament to your organisation's commitment to diversity, which can help you attract a more diverse audience. Our user base at Flexa is 2.5x more diverse than the global tech scene, making it an excellent platform for companies prioritising diversity and inclusion.

Attract top talent

With over 1 million users on Flexa and an additional 100,000 new users each month, it's effortless to appeal to the right talent that already aligns with your preferred way of working. Our platform provides a seamless experience for employers and job seekers, resulting in a perfectly matched talent pipeline that meets your organisation's unique needs.

Reduce cost per hire

Establishing a solid talent pipeline is challenging, but with Flexa, it becomes an easy process. Our users can save the companies they admire and receive notifications about new job openings, making passive hiring more effortless and successful than ever before.

How much does it cost to get Flexified?

Getting Flexified is cost-efficient; with Flexa, you’ll save thousands compared with other hiring platforms. 

You can boost your employer brand instantly and start building a talent pipeline, so even if you're not hiring right now, you'll have candidates who are waiting when you are. Flexa is your always-on employer brand tool, enabling you to scale up your business as and when needed - without the sky-high costs of traditional hiring. 

What happens after I get Flexified?

By becoming Flexified your organisation will be visible to hundreds of thousands of job seekers actively seeking flexible working arrangements. With our platform, you can leverage your flexible working environment as a recruitment tool rather than as a retention strategy.

You’ll get your own company profile 

When it comes to flexible working environments, Flexa is the primary source of information. Our platform attracts users seeking information about flexible work arrangements, and they'll undoubtedly be looking for that information on your company page. 

You’ll fill out your company profile to showcase the information candidates want to know. This page will appear in company searches; 95% of companies using Flexa appear at the top. How well your page ranks will, however, depends on how you build out your profile, taking into consideration things like keywords. We provide you with tips on how to build out a good company profile, so it’s important to take note.

Gain automatic entry for awards

Twice a year we rank the most flexible companies based on their size and industry and celebrate their success! As part of the Flexification process, your organisation will automatically be entered into the Flexa100 and Industry Awards. This provides you with a unique opportunity to showcase your brand to millions of people worldwide.

3 million people saw and engaged with Flexa100 in 2023, resulting in increased traffic, engagement, and applications for Flexified companies. Amplifi experienced an exceptional 8x surge in traffic to their careers page and received 90% of their job applications through Flexa following their success in the awards, and this could be you 👀

Use the Flexified badge to build your employer brand

Having undergone the Flexification process, your organisation has established itself as a genuinely flexible company, earning the trust of hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide. You can highlight this achievement on your career page, include it as a link in your job descriptions and shout about it wherever you like! 

Seamlessly integrate with your CTS

Our integration with all major ATS platforms enables candidates to access your open positions and apply directly. While our primary focus is enhancing your employer brand and expanding your company's reach, we recognise the importance of providing a streamlined application process for both companies and job seekers.

Measure performance on your dashboard

Measuring employer brand used to be a challenge, but with Flexa, it's easier than ever. Our platform provides insights into key metrics, including the number of users searching for your specific flexible working options, the views on your company page, the number of users saving your company to receive updates, the click-through rate to your ATS, and the diversity makeup of these users.