Flexible Working At TPP Recruitment

9th Nov 2022

TPP Recruitment has been independently recognised as a truly flexible employer, by us, Flexa Careers for the second year in a row, having achieved a fantastic employer and employee score of 90%. That puts them in the top 5 most flexible recruitment businesses for 2022.

Why TPP Recruitment embraced flexible working

"We have embraced being a flexible workplace for many years, offering genuine flexibility to professionals within the recruitment industry, which we know can be hard to find! We offer remote first with daily access to a stunning London-based office right on the water near Monument with a rooftop terrace, so you get to enjoy working from home as well as the benefits of collaborating face to face and the buzz of the office. We offer true workplace flexibility with no core hours as we recognise that everyone has different priorities and commitments in life, therefore we are open to part-time employees, job sharing and compressed hours to ensure we have access to a large pool of diverse talent".

TPP Recruitment's approach to flexible working

"Our approach to flexible working is centred around mutual trust, honesty and transparency. Business continuity is very important to us, so we have built additional support into our structure to ensure our flexible working environment does not compromise the quality of service our candidates and clients rely on. TPP fully supports each and every employee in achieving a work-life blend and will continue to be an industry leader when it comes to our commitment to flexible working".

Find out more about TPP Recruitment's flexible working approach on their company page.

What it's like working at TPP Recruitment

Let's hear from some of the employees working at TPP Recruitment to find out what it's really like to work there.

Diane Duberry – Client Relations Manager
"I’ve worked in the recruitment sector for nearly 25 years and TPP Recruitment’s attitude to flexible working is incredibly unique, especially for recruitment companies, where, typically you are expected to be present in the office every day. At TPP, we are treated like adults, the emphasis is on productivity rather than presenteeism. As a mother to two children, I no longer need to take a whole day off to attend a one-hour event and I go into the office approximately one day per week, but this is flexible. This grown-up way of working is great for my mental well-being, I don’t feel under pressure or stressed due to trying to balance work and life and I am more productive each day because of this".

Siobhan Najeeb – Business Manager
"TPP’s flexibility allows me to mostly work remotely and also allows me to take flexible working which means I can be home for when my two young children return from school and I can also factor in the other important things in my life like attending their school plays, going for a swim at lunch and finding that blend of work and life balance. When I worked in recruitment previously, I never had this support and flexibility and I was really concerned about how I would manage a full-time career again with young children and felt like my career would take a backwards step, along with my earnings.  It prompted me to look for a new role and now I’m able to work full-time, feel my career is back on track and also feel I am able to commit to being more available and present as a Mum".

Gemma Hannington – Business Manager
"TPP is very supportive and flexible. I’m able to work flexible hours and still have a career so I feel I’m able to be a good mum and good employee".

Bita Heffernan – Divisional Manager
"The flexibility offered is based on trust in me as an employee that I will continue to work hard but not at a cost to my personal life. That’s the biggest difference between my current employer and previous ones, trust and respect. This flexibility has reduced my sick days in relation to a chronic illness, and as a new mother its prevented many days off because I can work flexibly and plan my days without compromising work or motherhood".

Junot Margarido – Associate Consultant
"My Employer’s approach to flexibility is the opposite of my previous employment as I have always worked in the office or on-site 5 days a week rain, hail or shine due to the fact the company did not believe employees could work responsibly at home. The goodwill is that my employer believes in my productivity and that I can work efficiently and effectively from the comfort of my own house which makes me strive to work harder and improves my overall well-being as mentally I am less stressed about transport and the weather and physically as I go for a walk during my lunch breaks with my dog. All these factors reduce the stress of being overwhelmed and burning out on the job".

Melissa Robles-Foley – Compliance and Data Officer
"I have never had the opportunity to experience flexible hybrid working before I came to TPP as my previous employers did not trust their staff, and would not entertain it. I truly feel that I am a trusted and valued employee at TPP, and I now actually have a work-life balance which has had a massive positive impact on my mental health and productivity".