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Flexible Working At Juro

13th May 2021

Thomas Forstner, People & Talent Lead at Juro, tells us about the importance of flexibility in the workplace.

What we choose to focus on โ€” and what we choose to ignore โ€” plays in defining the quality of our life. ~ Cal Newport, author ๐Ÿ—บ

The way we work has changed. In tech and many other industries, most people nowadays labour with their minds. How you feel at work directly impacts how you do work โ€“ย your interactions, creativity, problem-solving, concentration โ€“ย and it shortcuts a company to fail or succeed.

Enabling a more flexible, inclusive and meaningful work environment is key to helping you best at your best. That includes:

โณ When you work

๐Ÿ›  How you work

๐ŸŒ Where you work

๐Ÿผ Flexibility is especially important for new parents. We still have work to do on giving everyone access to the care they need and will expand on this as we grow. Here's what we offer at Juro today.

Offering more flexibility to work is part of our core values

  • Flexibility breeds inclusion, and vice versa (#BeMoreHuman). People have different needs depending on their circumstances. For example, working parents may need to consider daycare appointments, practicing Muslims may need to observe daily prayers or keep a routine during the fasting season of Ramadan, and people with health conditions may need more frequent breaks or medical appointments. It's impossible to account for all needs, but flexibility in where/when/how you work accounts for a good portion already.
  • Flexibility embodies trust (#TrustAndDeliver). Everybody at Juro has a mission and outcomes, and is guided by our values in how to achieve them. Beyond this, it's in everyone's interest to minimize rules or restrictions that could get in the way of you doing deep work.
  • Flexibility keeps things lean (#KeepItSimple). Rules need reasons. If we do not have a reason for putting a rule in place, we default to the simplest option first and iterate from there. Offering choice is the simplest solution.