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We've created a bank that's changing things for the better. We want to improve things for our customers, our people and the world around us, while changing the industry for good.

Remote-first – with offices in London & Durham

4-day week

A little flex time

We asked employees of Atom Bank how satisfied they are with flexible working, and this is what they told us

Based on 180 employee responses

Employees are very happy with their working location freedom
Employees are very happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are largely happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that they can switch off quite easily from work
Role modelling
Employees feel that most people work flexibly
Employees feel they have complete autonomy over getting their work done

Benefits spotlight

Open to part-time employees
Open to job sharing
Open to compressed hours
4-day week
Enhanced maternity leave
Enhanced paternity leave
Adoption leave
Shared parental leave
22.5 days annual leave + bank holidays
Teambuilding days

Employee reviews

Atom Bank's employees have anonymously had their say in what they think of the company

4DW is a fantastic perk and one that you don't get elsewhere. The SLT is very keen to find a good post-covid working structure and environment, so are exploring ways to improve this all the time.

We have a four day working week that has transformed my home life. In particular the flexibility I now have to support my youngest daughter. I have been able to support her more with school activities and just generally taking her to school on my non working day already, than I was ever able to with my eldest daughter.

4 day week is a real game changer and really helps achieve a good work life balance, along with a valuable benefits package.

Flexibility on start/end times is limited depending on your role

Excellent flexibility and support around work life balance, understanding about childcare commitments which can mean gaps in the day for example.

The 4 day week is a game changer

Best Company I have ever worked for when it comes to working/home life balance, the benefits are also excellent

Working from home is what I value most. I am not 'taxed' by fuel and don't have to deal with the rush hour. By far the number one reason I work for Atom

I enjoy that I can work from home / remotely and visit the office once a month, it is particularly beneficial to the company as it opens up the job market to a much more diverse and experienced cohort.

The 4 day week has been an absolute game changer. The day to day is really quick and it makes you much more focused.

The four day week is life changing

All FTE work a 4 day week, with either a Monday or Friday encouraged as the Rota Day Off. This gives everyone the chance every week (where possible) to have a break from work that is beneficial to your work life balance. Colleagues are flexible and will easily swop their RDO with each other to give further flex. Annual leave and sickness is pro rata so you only use 4 days leave for a full week off and bank holidays are given as TOIL if your RDO that week was a bank holiday.

So, I work a four day week, Monday to Thursday which is the same for my department. I'm contracted to work 34 hrs and I prefer to do two days in the office and two at home and that is solely my gift and preference which is supported by my manager. It's true hybrid working.

I love the people I work with and I love having a remote contract and a four day week. This works really well for me.

I like that we have ambitious plans, challenging ourselves, peers and the norm for the benefit of the customer.

Flexible employer with employees well being at the forefront, great culture where you are listened to.

Atom is a great place to work, it's hugely flexible. The 4 day working week is life-changing, and for the first time in my career I feel I have true work-life balance.

Atom have supported me to remain in full time employment while caring for an adult relative by allowing me to work remotely and flex my hours as required. Without the support of Atom I would have faced the choice of reducing my hours which I would have struggle to manage financially or placing my relative into a care home.

Recently moved to a 4 day working week which has been a complete shift (for the better) with work-life balance. Definitely makes it more likely to stay for the long term

Atom is the best place I have ever worked. The last two years have absolutely changed my life in terms of the way I have been able to support the needs of my family and engage in my hobbies. Atom have been extremely supportive of my personal situation and have always offered me the flexibility I have needed.

The team here are very friendly and very supportive. there is very little in terms of ulterior motive, everyone seems to have the same goal of growing and improving the bank.

4 day week is an excellent benefit

Atom is a wise and respectful place to work, and this enables a fast paced, high performance culture to succeed alongside a respect for diversity.

Work life balance is very important to me and working here allows me to get the balance right between time spent at work and with my family. The 4 day week has played a huge part to this and due to this I feel I am more productive during those 4 days and working from home.

Atom is a great employer and my manager is supportive and looks after the whole team

Love working from home - I used to be out the house 12 hours per day when I had to commute so my work/life balance is amazing now

I started working in an office and working from home has been great. I am warm and snug in my shed now and hear the rain drops hitting the roof which is really comforting.

The company has also been one of the first to support the 4 day week and that has been great. You work hard and then have a great weekend.

The culture of the company has been great and I think it has really felt good.

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Most flexible companies

Most flexible companies

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Finance & Insurance

Finance & Insurance

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About us

We were founded in 2014 as the UK’s first app-based bank, and were the country’s first digital only back to be granted a regulatory licence. Whether you want to make the most of your savings, apply for a mortgage or take out a loan for your business, we provide simple, secure products that can make a difference. 

Based in the North of England, we love the region for its culture, energy and sense of community, so we strive to add value wherever we can. 

We’ve grown to a team of over 500 people many of whom are based in the area. As a progressive employer, we understand the benefits of enabling a diverse bunch of people to shape our business, so we’re actively making it easier for individuals from a range of backgrounds to work for us.

Flexible working at Atom Bank

Our bank can only be at its best when there’s a brilliant team behind the scenes. So, it’s only right that we make it a great place to work.

What makes Atom different? We were the largest UK business and the only UK bank to launch a four day working week, with no cut to pay, ensuring our team has the best work-life balance possible. But we don’t stop there, we also offer all of our staff the option to work flexible hours, with remote and hybrid working also available. For those who like to be in the office, we have a thriving culture at both our Durham head office, and London office.  

Approach to diversity & inclusion

We’re building a bank for everyone, and we simply cannot do that without taking diversity and inclusivity seriously. From the customers who use our bank to the people that join our team, we make every effort to make our business a welcoming place.

We also recognise that our journey to be diverse and inclusive is never over, so we pledge to continue learning and listening to ensure we’re always improving ourselves as a business.

What do we think of Atom Bank?

Atom Bank is revolutionising the game when it comes to banking. Offering flexible working within a sector not known for its flexibility, Whilst working with the team at Atom Bank it was clear that the employees felt valued and trusted. The employees felt that they were treated like adults. Not to mention they love their 4-day week

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“Atom is a place like no other, we are a business that is bold in pushing the boundaries and doing things differently, whether this be with our products or our working practices – we challenge the norm! Our environment is a collaborative and supportive one, where we trust each other to do the right thing (and we have a lot of fun doing it).

"We are always on the lookout for likeminded people, who are innovative, empathetic and engaged, to join us. Check out our Careers Page for our live roles."

Awards & Achievements

Most flexible companies

Most flexible companies

Flexa100 2024
Finance & Insurance

Finance & Insurance

Industry awards 2023

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