Why Job Hunting Is Like Dating

14th Feb 2023

Although it might sound strange, job hunting is a bit like dating. It’s not all about selling yourself or proving how amazing you are. It's rather about finding someone (in this case, a company / job) that you are compatible with, someone who aligns with your values and ethics. 

No need for swiping here; keep scrolling to learn more about why job hunting is very similar to dating. 

You need to put yourself out there 🚀

Although many of us might want for our soulmate to show up on our doorstep, we know that it’s not going to happen. It takes a lot of invested time and effort to speak and meet up with people. It can often be quite draining but requires persistence and a positive outlook. Sending out a CV here and there isn’t enough; you need to dedicate time to it - networking should be a part of your regular routine or at least every other day. 

Do your research 💻

Before meeting up with someone for a date, do you Google them or scroll their social media beforehand to vet them or help you identify potential red flags? 🚩 It turns out that 50% of people do this. You want to learn as much about a prospect as possible - it’s the same when interviewing for a company. Review the website, check out employees' LinkedIn profiles, read the latest news articles or blogs, follow the company on social media, and get familiar with what your role requires. Doing so will also help the conversation flow better. 

Make a good first impression 😊

When you go on a date, you’ll want to show up on time and dress the part; it’s the same when showing up for a job interview. Put your phone away and on silent - give your full attention. 

Your body language tells a lot about you 👀

In the dating world, body language is a key factor to look out for. Your facial expressions, eye contact and non-verbal cues can be the difference between securing a second interview / being offered the job or getting turned away.

Trust your intuition 🔮

Gut feelings are everything! Looking good on paper is one thing, but if you feel like something is off, it probably is. Experiencing a physically negative sensation is not a good sign - being a little nervous or feeling somewhat anxious can be normal, but feeling panicked, on edge or highly worried is not. 

Be your authentic self ✅

When dating, showing up as your true self allows you to find someone who has the same values and appreciates you for who you are. Job hunting is the same; you want your values to align. If the prospective employer doesn’t bring it up themselves, you can ask them what the company values and culture are like. If they don’t match with what you are looking for, you’re setting yourself up for being unhappy and having a potentially toxic relationship. If you can’t be your true self, how can you be happy?

Know your worth ✨

You ultimately determine your worth and value; if a company can’t see it from the get-go, they are not the one for you - it’s not something you should have to prove. How an employer sees your value will likely show through the salary they are willing to offer and how they communicate with you. The phrase ‘never settle for less’ is just as applicable in job-hunting as in dating. 

Remember that if you don’t hear back from a job or secure a first date (interview), never be disheartened - rejection is simply redirection for something better. 

It works both ways ↔️

Job hunting and dating are two-way streets. It shouldn’t be one person asking all the questions; the conversation should flow. Prepare a list of questions about the role and the company; also, think about what led you to apply for the company.

Never agree to something immediately 🤝

Just like after a date, you might want time to reflect on how it went and decide if you’d like a second date. You don’t necessarily want to accept the first job offer that comes along; you want to make sure it’s the right decision, rather than agreeing, changing your mind later and wanting to ghost 👻 (p.s. you shouldn’t do that, always communicate even if it feels uncomfortable). You also want to ensure that you are being offered a competitive package in terms of salary and benefits - it leaves the door open for negotiation, particularly if you’ve had competing job offers. 

It takes time 🕒

It takes time to find the one, and it will take time for you to find a job that matches what you’re looking for. It’s more than okay to be ‘picky’ - just like every person is not for you, every company is not for you either.