What Ways Of Working Are The Irish Labour Market Seeking?

3rd Aug 2023

It's a common assumption that the working culture in Ireland and the UK is similar. And to some extent, that's true.

Both places share a strong work ethic, a commitment to professionalism, and a love for productivity. But when you take a closer look, some clear differences set them apart, especially when it comes to how they do things.

In Ireland, it's all about creating a friendly and supportive work environment. They really value collaboration and open communication, and the management style tends to be more laid-back and approachable. They want everyone to feel included, which makes for happy and loyal employees.

On the other hand, in the UK, they take professionalism and efficiency very seriously. Punctuality and dedication are highly prized, and workplaces tend to have a more structured and formal vibe. The management style is often more hierarchical, with clear lines of authority and responsibility.

And let's talk about work-life balance. Ireland gets a lot of love for promoting a healthier balance between work and personal life. They totally get the importance of taking time for yourself. In the UK, historically, they've had a reputation for longer working hours and a more competitive atmosphere.

So, let's see what the preferences are for Job Seekers in Ireland within the modern hiring market.

The preferences of Irish job seekers

Here are some selected differences in search preferences between Ireland, our global user base, and the UK. All data from the last 3 months.

  • Fully remote location: Ireland 72%, All geographies 61%, UK 58%
  • Fully flexible hours: Ireland 28%, All geographies 24%, UK 22%
  • Part-time roles: Ireland 42%, All geographies 36%, UK 37%
  • Dog-friendly offices: Ireland 8%, All geographies 16%, UK 21%

One particularly stark contrast stands out when we look at Work From Anywhere schemes.

For company / job searches on Flexa, 27% of searches from Ireland include Work From Anywhere (“WFA”) schemes, compared with a global average of 49%. Ireland actually has the lowest proportion for any country in the top 20 geographies on Flexa (UK 52%, US 47%).

Why do we think this is?

We spoke to Maurice O’Brien, our Co-Founder, who was born and raised in Dublin. Here’s what he had to say: 

“It’s interesting to see the trend for WFA demand lagging behind in Ireland when compared to other geographies. Growth in demand is certainly accelerating, but not at the same rate as elsewhere. 

It’s challenging to unpick whether this is driven by cultural or practical differences. One potential driver could be broadband speeds outside of main towns and hubs in Ireland. The higher demand for fully remote would suggest that this may not be the case, though.

Hybrid working is more prevalent across Ireland, so I’d assume that the inevitable tension between hybrid working and WFA schemes (which can be solved easily, but the two are rarely offered together) has something to do with the lower search volumes).”