Create The Perfect Hybrid Working Environment

6th Aug 2021

In partnership with Hubble.

We say it all the time, but we’ll keep saying it again and again, true flexibility is all about choice. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the most popular working model is a hybrid one. The majority of employees don’t want to spend 100% of their time at home and the majority also don’t want to spend 100% of their time in a corporate  office.

What’s the solution? 

Well one option is that employers provide access to co-working space. Whether it’s a shared space or access for individuals, employers can choose from a range of different passes for their teams and in multiple locations.

Companies like Hubble are making it easier for employers and their people to find the right balance of office & remote working, offering a wide range of beautiful workspaces, each with their own facilities and perks to suit everyone. 

Featured below are 4 of Hubble’s London-based co-working spaces. Perfect for those who prefer to work in an office-like environment or for those who occasionally need to get out of the house and change up their surroundings.

You can secure monthly desk or private office memberships in any of below co-working spaces - as well as thousands of others around the UK - via the Hubble website.

Access co-working spaces around the world via the Hubble Pass

If you’re looking for even more flexibility, all of these spaces are also available via the Hubble Pass - a flexible membership that allows businesses to give their employees on-demand access to a global network of top-quality workspaces, whenever they need it.

Teams can use it to meet up or do individual work, by booking everything from day passes and meeting rooms and event space for company wide all-hands.

PLUS! Hubble are currently offering our readers a one-month free trial that you can activate whenever you're ready to. With it, each of your employees will get 4 free day passes, which they can use to access any of the hundreds of workspaces we’ve got on the platform around the world!


Located within an exclusive gated development, this bright and inviting space has been designed to offer several working environments, all focused around helping individuals be more productive and creative. With a large ficus tree in the centre,, a stunning green marble café bar, an area for quiet working and a more communal area to encourage collaboration, the space is a blend of luxe design and function, providing a calming and comfortable environment.
You can view UNCOMMON, Fulham's workspace and full range of facilities here!


Located in the heart of Soho, our central location is the perfect spot for ambitious teams looking to work and play. Members can choose between dedicated desks or private office options for teams of 6–65; both all-inclusive and fully serviced with no hidden fees.

Just 5 minutes from Piccadilly Circus, the site is moments away from some of London's best bars, restaurants and theatres. Hidden behind our doors is a 4-building workspace and private rooftop courtyard that takes you out of the hustle and bustle.

With easy commutes, a heated roof terrace, on-site podcast studio and plenty to do nearby, we’ve found the perfect home for your business. Plus, our incredible perks such as cake Wednesday, Friday drinks, and regular socials are guaranteed to make great teams happier.

The can’t-live-withouts included with every membership option: high-speed wifi, meeting room access, printing and unlimited tea and coffee as standard. If other places try to charge you extra for the absolute basics - run.
You can view Runway East, Soho's workspace and full range of facilities here!


Workspace as creative as you are. We create workspaces with purpose, designed to help you grow faster and make your dent in the universe. We can help you on every front: superfast WiFi, biophilic design (that’s 1000’s of plants and trees across the space), cultural, educational and wellness event programmes, showers (fully stocked with towels and toiletries), breakout areas and phone booths, 250 person auditorium and 300 person rooftop, members kitchen and in-house cafe. Plus you get global access to all Second Homes, and are plugged into our 4000+ global community - build a network in hours than would take years otherwise.
You can view Second Home, Spitalfields' workspace and full range of facilities here!


We’re Huckletree. We’re building hubs across Europe for original minds to come together by sector, scale, be brave, and lead industry change. We build physical workspaces for teams, educational and accelerator programmes for them to scale and we connect them to valuable investor and talent networks.

Huckletree West is West London’s first coworking space for digital lifestyle startups and influencers. Based in the former BBC MediaWorks building, it provides a creative workspace for 500 members across a variety of industries. Targeting Media, Design, Tech, Fashion and Creatively focused businesses, this workspace features an in-house VR studio and incredible community of start ups and entreprenuers.
You can view Huckltree, White City's workspace and full range of facilities here!

Try out amazing workspaces for FREE? 🤩 ⁣

Hubble is offering a one-month FREE TRIAL that you can activate whenever you're ready to. With it, each of your employees will get 4 free day passes, which they can use to access any of the hundreds of workspaces we’ve got on the platform around the world. 🌍⁣