How To Meaningfully Improve Diversity & Inclusion

1st Mar 2021

We help companies to uncover the data needed to build the diversity of their pipeline, use their flexible working environment to improve inclusivity, and improve their hiring processes

Diversity & inclusion data

It's not easy to build a diverse pipeline of candidates, but it is the most important step towards creating initiatives that make a meaningful impact on Diversity & Inclusion.

We help companies to understand who they are appealing to by providing a breakdown of anonymised diversity data for all of their Flexa applicants. We then provide insights on whether this is below or above average for our platform, and can make suggestions on how to improve breadth of appeal. It could be as simple as making a one-word change in a title, or choosing to lay out your job description a bit differently.

An example of the anonymised data we provide

Application ratios and continuous improvement

Some jobs absolutely fly and others can be slower on the application front. However, this isn't always because they're more specific roles, or fewer people are seeing them. Sometimes we see roles that get thousands of views and only a few applications whereas others get thousands of views, and hundreds of applications. This is often down to a few key factors; the way that a JD is written, the title, the balance of what's in it for us versus what's in it for you, and how the company comes across.

We provide application ratio (views to applications) to all of our job posters to ensure that every job is performing as well as it possibly can do.
An example of application ratio data.
Data can be difficult to drive actionable insights from, but understanding candidate's actions is key to being able to continuously improve your hiring processes. Book a call with us to find out more.