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How to design your perfect WFH routine

Finding the right balance between productivity and comfort is essential to make the most of your WFH experience. In this blog, we’ll guide you through designing your perfect work from home routine.

6th Jun 2024

Working from home has become the new normal for many of us, offering a level of flexibility and autonomy that was once a rare perk. But with this newfound freedom comes the challenge of crafting the perfect WFH routine - one that balances productivity, self-care, and a bit of fun. So what does an ideal remote workday actually look like?

To get some inspiration, we turned to our amazing Flexa community and asked them to share their dream WFH agendas. The responses showcased the diversity of remote work styles, but also highlighted some common themes - from embracing a slower morning pace to prioritising movement and nourishing meals. Here's a peek into what the perfect WFH day looks like for our team and community

The ideal WFH routine, according to Team Flexa 🤸‍♀️

At Flexa, we're all about that flexible work life. While no two days look exactly the same, here are some key elements that define our team's ultimate remote workday: 

🏃 Morning movement: Many of us love to start the day with some form of exercise, whether it's a energising run, a peaceful yoga flow, or a walk with our furry friends. Breaking a sweat before diving into work helps clear the mind and sets a positive tone for the day ahead.

🐶 Quality pet time: For the animal lovers among us, WFH means more precious moments with our loyal companions. Curling up next to a purring cat or playing a quick game of fetch between meetings adds some much-needed levity and comfort to the workday.]{.mark}

🥗 A proper lunch break: Gone are the sad desk salads and hastily-inhaled sandwiches. Being at home gives us the opportunity to whip up a delicious, nutritious midday meal. Our Slack channels are always buzzing with recipe swaps and photos that make everyone's stomach grow.

💻 Flexibility to roam: Remote work doesn't have to mean being chained to a single desk all day. We take full advantage of being able to switch up our workspace based on mood, weather, and whim. You might find us posted up on the patio, nestled in a cosy reading nook, or yes, even logging on from the comfort of our cosy beds.

🎲 Staying connected: Being a remote-first team, we know how vital it is to intentionally create space for bonding and laughter. From spirited Slack debates to virtual game sessions, we find ways to keep our team culture thriving from afar.

☕️ Restorative breaks: Powering through for hours on end is a recipe for burnout. We remind each other to regularly step away from our screens and recharge, whether that means brewing a cuppa or just enjoying a change of scenery.

Inspiration for your WFH routine ✨

We asked our Flexa team and broader community to share their own recipe for remote work success. Here are some of the top tips and routines they shared:

From Beth, our Director of Growth: 

🫖A cup of tea in bed, 

⭐️ Deep work for the morning

🧀 Eat cheese for lunch

🤸‍♀️ Calls and helping the team in the afternoon

🚶‍♀️ Walk, or some sport

🍻 Ending in the pub with some business pints

Fliss, our Design Lead, broke down her current routine, with some important self-care in the mix: My WFH day looks like: 

🛏️ Getting quotes together whilst in my PJs (flirting with an endo flare up so having a comfy morning)

💻Team call

💡Deep focus work

🐕 Dog walk

🧘A yoga class (if endo hasn’t taken hold)

💻Tidy up work

😋Monday roast 

Sarah, a B2B Marketing Specialist, mapped out her ideal agenda fueled by focus and balance: 

🥗 Fueling with a nutritious breakfast

☕ Preparing a coffee

💻 Starting the \"deep work mode 1.0\" at 9am (a big glass of water on the desk is a must), 🆕 Checking relevant industry news

 📃 Efficient meetings

☀️ Reenergizing with a short walk

 🧠 Deep work mode 2.0

 🍽️ Home Cooked lunch

🏁 getting tasks at the finish line

The founder of a PR agency highlighted the power of batching meetings to allow for more focused work time: *"A new one for me is putting calls on certain days so I can have time for focus on certain days and get lots done."

One community member shared how WFH allows them to be more present and productive: “Taking a quick break during the day to step away and give my brain and eyes a rest; throwing in a load of laundry or doing a quick sweep of the house, so that I can be present for my family at the end of the day and I'm not rushing around before bed."*

10 things to consider when designing your ideal work from home routine:

  1. Your natural energy levels and peak productivity times - are you an early bird or night owl?
  2. Boundaries between work and personal life to avoid burnout - have clear start and end times and dedicated workspace.
  3. Opportunities to incorporate movement, fresh air and exercise to boost mental and physical well being.
  4. Scheduling focused deep work blocks for your most challenging or creative tasks.
  5. Building in breaks to rest your eyes, mind and body - take a walk, chat with a friend, do a quick chore.
  6. Your communication and collaboration needs - when to schedule meetings vs async work.
  7. Meal prepping or planning to ensure you're fueling yourself with nourishing, energising food
  8. Meaningful social interaction with colleagues to avoid isolation - virtual coffees, team games, etc.
  9. Boosting productivity and focus through your environment - natural light, ergonomic setup, inspiring decor, plants.
  10. Rewarding yourself after a solid day's effort - a great meal, fun activity, or lazy evening on the couch. 

The upsides of WFH life 

While working from home certainly comes with its challenges, for many it's been a welcome shakeup of outdated office norms. Some of the top WFH benefits our community called out:

  • Cutting out gruelling commutes to reclaim hours of our day.
  • Having more control over our work environment and schedule.
  • Getting quality time with family, pets, and hobbies.
  • Feeling empowered to prioritise our mental and physical wellbeing.

You're in control of how you work

Of course, what makes for a "perfect" WFH day is highly personal. The beauty of remote setups is that they give us space to experiment and find the rhythms that allow us to thrive - whether that means starting at sunrise or burning the midnight oil, taking walking 1:1s or coworking virtually.

As we continue to navigate the world of remote work, one thing is clear - flexibility is the future. By leaning into the perks of WFH and crafting routines that actually work for us, we can find new levels of balance, productivity, and joy. And that's what Flexa is all about.