How To Secure A Work From Home Job After Covid

16th Mar 2021

Working from home for all or part of the week has become normal for many people during Lockdown, but can it last?

As Lockdown lifts, many skilled professionals want to continue working from home in some capacity. Find out how you can secure a flexible job that allows you to work from home after Covid.

Just 5% of people were working from home before the pandemic. But to slow the spread of Coronavirus, working from home became a worldwide phenomenon overnight when governments enforced a dramatic shift in where and how people work. Due to social distancing, many office jobs suddenly became work from home jobs, and the UK population had no choice but to set up make- shift workspaces in their homes.

Although working from home was triggered by the Covid Lockdown, the demand for working from home to continue on a permanent basis remains high. Almost 60% of London professionals aged 25-49 were working from home all week or for part of the week during the pandemic. Most of these professionals reaped the benefits in working from home and would like to continue with flexible working after Lockdown.

Working from home and life-balance

Employees across industries have found a better work-life balance in working from home and they want that new-found freedom to continue. By working from home and not commuting to the office, employees have had more flexibility and time to exercise, cook a healthy meal, collect the children from school, take the dog for a walk…the list goes on! But not everyone wants to work from home all week – the most popular flexible job is to work in the office for 3 days a week and work from home for 2 days. This type of flexible working allows employees the freedom to achieve work-life balance, but to also catch up face-to-face with colleagues at the office and complete the tasks that can’t be done when working from home full time.

Working from home pre-covid

Pre-Covid, working from home jobs were frowned upon by employers in general because they wrongly thought productivity would go down if employees weren’t being physically supervised. Companies perhaps feared employees in flexible jobs would shirk their responsibilities if given the freedom to work from home even for one day a week. Working from home data reveals that Lockdown has not had a significant effect on productivity for better or worse and, thankfully, the pandemic has dramatically changed employer opinion.

Can working from home continue?

Studies show that 9 out of 10 employees would like to continue working from home in some capacity on a permanent basis after Lockdown when the population returns to “normality”. That is a very significant number and employers are responding by creating flexible working policies and advertising more flexible jobs or opportunities for professionals to regularly work from home.

A recent study by the University of Essex shows that employers recruiting highly-qualified or experienced professionals are more likely to offer flexible jobs and opportunities to work from home, compared to companies employing manual or lower-skilled workers. Flexa Careers has been liaising closely with these forward-thinking employers, creating a flexible jobs platform that advertises a wide range of flexible working opportunities and work from home jobs for professionals across industries.

If you think you deserve a life as well as a career and you’re looking to work from home regularly, or work flexible hours, take a look at the flexible jobs on Flexa Careers.

You can trust that the position you apply for on Flexa is a genuinely flexible job, as only companies verified as truly flexible are allowed to advertise here. Flexa verifies companies in 3 ways - Flexible working hours, working from home and flexible benefits (e.g. dog-friendly offices) - and every job advert details which of those three things is offered. As well as browsing flexible jobs from some of the best brands in your industry at, you can receive tailored job matches straight to your inbox to be sure you never miss out on your ideal work from home or flexible job