How our Flexified partners use their stamp of approval to showcase their flexible working environment

Being a Flexified company is something to be proud of - here are some places that our partners show it off!

22nd Mar 2021

We only work with truly flexible companies, and we have a benchmarking process to ensure that every company on Flexa meets our high standard of flexibility. The benchmarking process has two stages: an employer benchmarking and an employee benchmarking. Both stages must be passed with a minimum of 60% for a company to be Flexified.

This means that every company who bears our seal of approval has met a high standard, so it's no surprise that they want to shout about it! Here are some ways that companies show their employees and potential candidates that they have made a commitment to flexibility.

Using the Flexified seal on careers pages:

Candidates will come to company careers pages to research a company that they're interested in, so our Flexified companies put out seal of approval on there to ensure that they are seen as a truly flexible workplace.
Uncrowd's careers page displaying the green Flexified seal of approval

Mentioning Flexa in Job Descriptions:

Job descriptions should have a careful balance of "what you should have" and "what's in it for the candidate". Flexification and our "most flexible companies" is an ideal way to help your job descriptions to stand out and show that you're a flexible place to work.
Impala mention being the 3rd most flexible company in their job descriptions

Broadcasting Flexification across social media:

Flexification is known by candidates as a true commitment to flexible working, so our partner companies choose to shout about it as social proof that they offer truly flexible jobs.
Comma Group quote Flexa's certification in all of their job postings

Companies bearing our "most flexible companies" award with pride:

We release a bi-annual list of the most flexible companies, and the winners wear wear the award with pride on their careers pages and LinkedIn banners to name a few!
11:FS's careers page displaying the black "most flexible companies" stamp

How to earn a Flexified seal of approval:

If you're interested in becoming a Flexified company, then you can either book a call to find out more, or take our benchmarking quiz to see if you're eligible (and it's full of free insights).