Flexible Working Index July: What Job Hunters Are Looking For

4th Aug 2022

This month's flexible working insights highlight some very interesting stats about what job seekers are prioritising when it comes to flexible work. Data is compiled by us, Flexa Careers, the global directory for verified flexible companies that tracks what job hunters are looking for when it comes to their ideal working location, hours and benefits.

It has been revealed that there was a rise in demand for fully-remote roles in July. Over the course of July, we've analysed over 36,000 user searches uncovering exactly what people are prioritising when it comes to searching and applying for new roles and companies.

More people want fully-remote roles

In July, there was an uplift in demand for fully-remote roles. When comparing July 2022 with June 2022, 18% more users expressed a preference for roles which offered year-round remote work when signing up.

During the same period, there was also a huge 84% spike in the number of fully-remote roles being listed by employers - the highest monthly uplift in 2022 to date.

Demand for dog-friendly offices almost doubles

The number of searches for roles which come with dog-friendly offices shot up by 42% in July, compared to June. And the number of job posts advertising dog-friendly offices also increased by almost a quarter (23%).

Compressed hours lose their shine

The number of users who expressed a preference for compressed hours (where the same number of working hours are split across fewer days) fell by 20% in July, compared to June. This follows a 14% spike, in preference for fewer working days in June when the UK’s 4-day work week trial began, compared to the previous month.

Summer sparks demand for part-time roles

With childcare costs, this summer on track to be the highest on record, demand for part-time roles and enhanced parental leave has been consistently high in recent months. 

Looking at 3-month rolling averages, Flexa saw an 8% increase in preferences for part-time roles in July, compared to June. This reflects continued popularity since an initial surge at the start of the year: between January and July 2022, the number of people stating a preference for part-time roles also skyrocketed by 257%. Again looking at 3-month rolling averages for the same time period (Jan ‘22 - July ‘22), preferences for enhanced parental leave increased by 51%. 

Molly Johnson-Jones, co-founder and CEO of Flexa Careers, comments:

“The world of work is an exciting place to be right now. Ways of working are constantly evolving, and calls for flexibility in different forms have grown exponentially over the past couple of years. This means it can be hard for companies to keep up and attract the masses of talent who want to work flexibly. Luckily, workers tell us exactly what they want out of their next job - and we’re hugely excited to be able to start sharing these insights. 

“We want to give companies the information they need to keep astride workplace trends and implement genuinely flexible work in ways which are most meaningful to workers right now. Equally, we want workers to know what opportunities are out there, and to know that more freedom and work-life balance are theirs for the taking. In July, it just so happens that fully-remote roles, dog-friendly offices and part-time roles were the order of the day.”

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