Dogs in the office? We love it

24th Feb 2020

Here at Flexa, we love dogs. We have our very own Chief Morale Officer, Gruff (pictured here), and he works with us every day!

We work with a number of different companies who are dog friendly as well, and who actively encourage well-behaved, calm (most of the time!) dogs to join their owners at work. It's a brilliant way to get people talking to each other, to have a stress-relieving cuddle, and to help dog-owners from the stress and expense of putting them in doggy daycare every day.

However, as with flexibility, there is little clarity on whether an office is truly dog friendly, so we decided to put in a "dog friendly office" filter which looks like this:

We know that not everyone loves dogs, and we're not saying that every office should be dog friendly, but we think it's great that there are an increasing number of offices that (when all employees are happy with it) allow dogs to come to work too!

If you have a dog and wish you could bring them to work, or you just want to cuddle other people's dogs, then check out our dog friendly jobs here: