43 Clicks North New Office Tour

15th Oct 2021

Originally two separate buildings, we've merged 33/34 Bishop Lane into one space that spans across three floors.

Each room boasts its own personality, combining original features with reclaimed furnishings to keep hold of the 100+ years of character. Showcasing mid-century modern furniture set against decorative joinery, the rich colour scheme and contemporary accents invoke a sense of moody glamour. Yet, we’ve still found a way to let our personality shine through, with plenty of quirky touches throughout.

The pandemic cemented our decision to reinvest in a new office. Back in April last year, we had just hit 7 members of staff - fast forward a year and we’ve just hit 18 teammates! It was really important to us to be able to give them a place to call home, enabling them to get together, bounce ideas off of each other, and grow.

Some of our best work has come from collaboration: ideas that were sparked around the kettle, from people interjecting into overheard conversations, and from simply having great minds in one room. We wanted a space to breed that environment. Whilst flexible working has always been present at 43 and it will continue to apply as the world begins to reopen, we cannot wait to have the team back together again.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Redfrog Interior Design and Thompson Construction for making the process so easy, we couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Fancy a closer look?

We’ve put together a short video below.
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