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3–4 days/week at home

A little flex time

Dog friendly

3–4 days/week at home
A little flex time
Dog friendly



We are a modern advertising agency that ensures brands succeed in the newfound attention economy

Our creative, strategy, production and media teams work together in a truly integrated way and they drive relevance and results for some of the world’s biggest brands. Today, we believe that brands are built in social and our creative team excels in making ads that don’t look like ads. We pride ourselves on our platform expertise, even counting some as clients. We place consumption and engagement above potential impressions. We are immersed in culture and it drives the effectiveness of our work.

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None of the information on this profile can be confirmed until VaynerMedia has completed the verification process with Flexa. Work for VaynerMedia? Claim this page

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Employees are very happy with their working location freedom
Employees are largely happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are largely happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that they can switch off quite easily from work
Role modelling
Employees feel that most people work flexibly
Employees feel that they can mostly manage how they get their own work done

Company benefits

  • Open to part-time employees
  • Open to job sharing
  • Open to compressed hours
  • Enhanced maternity leave
  • Adoption leave

VaynerMedia may offer more benefits, but we cannot confirm this until FlexificationTM is completed

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What VaynerMedia employees think

Mentions of

We have to come to the office twice a week, but VaynerMedia are happy for you to choose which days you come in (ideally the same days as your team).

Also, contractually we work 9 to 6 with an hour's lunch break, but VaynerMedia is full of highly empathetic people, so if ever anyone needs to start a little later or finish a little earlier on a particular day, your team will always endeavour to make that not be a problem at all. It makes up for other days where you might need to work late on something and more importantly, we're all just humans after all! :)

They are super understanding and accommodating in working to find what way of working works best for you

Vayner is a brilliantly flexible company, I'm not micro-managed, I can find time to put family first when needed and I do love the benefit of Wellness Wednesday. However, I'd rather work either 9-5 or a 4day week instead of being "flexible". Staying past 5 should be an optional choice. That extra hour of our evenings is unnecessary, most of our clients are offline also at this time and with a lot being based in different time zones now, we also have no incentives to work past 5 because that's EOP even if it's not EOD. I really hope we're considering a 4day week also as that would be a smarter choice.

Loads of really ,people, good clients, and fun atmosphere. The work can be prescriptive as a lot of strategy is determined by the Vayner model, not by each specific challenge. A bit one size fits all at times. Otherwise a superb place to work.

A human company with an helpful and kind environment.

They definitely mean it when they say flexible working, I have only been here for 3 months and I have come from an agency background where hours were set and you had to be in the office. This is a totally different way of working and I love it;.

Having the opportunity to work remotely and still have company support is really great.

It is a very open & honest company, with employees who are genuinely nice, helpful and have your back.

They're open to suggestions too e.g. I asked for part time hours for a full time role and they accommodated this

How a company should work.

I've never worked at a company before that cared that much about its employees and their wellbeing. Their onboarding process for new hires is beyond impressive and atmosphere is warm, collaborative and flexible around my needs and ideas!

I have been in this industry for a long time and can say that Vayner Media has been the most amazing company to work for over the last year . I recently immigrated to the Uk with my family and the level of flexibility was something i have never seen in a company before , A Work from abroad policy allowed me to be with my family while we transitioned from one country to another . They were not only flexible but also empathetic and supportive through the whole process .

Love the Wed morning late start scheme - perfect chance to reset midweek.

Love it!!

Working at VaynerMedia

Company employees

170 (across EMEA)

Gender diversity (male:female)

103 (F) 80 (M)

Office locations

London & Amsterdam

Funding levels


Hiring Countries

United Kingdom
Careers at VaynerMedia

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About us

We’re VaynerMedia! We are a contemporary global creative and media agency built for the now. Born in social, our work is now full service, simply loving big ideas that connect and create real change for our clients business. We are independently owned, founded in 2009 with offices in London, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Mexico City. We are recognized for our work in Cannes Lions, the Clios, D&AD and The Webbies to name a few. 

Flexible working at VaynerMedia

  • We want to see your lovely faces a minimum of twice a week in our VaynerMedia offices, but enjoy working from home the rest of the week!
  • If you love the office (we know you will!), then feel free to come in and work 5 days a week in person
  • We have Wellbeing Wednesday's where employees start work at 10:30am - time to get the extra zzz's in, do your food shop, play with your kids whatever you need to rest, recharge and reset mid week!
  • In the office, we provide healthy snacks, sweet treats and regular free lunches.
  • Free tea and coffee in the office, or if you prefer a pumpkin spice latte then head down to our on site barista on the ground floor of our London office.
  • Dogs are welcome, if not encouraged! We even have a #serotonin channel on Slack where puppy pics are posted daily

Approach to diversity & inclusion

VaynerMedia DE&I
At VaynerMedia we continue to strive to build one of the greatest human organisations within the industry. Our intention is to take action that embeds Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, belonging, and Accessibility into the DNA of VaynerMedia, and all of our entities. We are rooted in equitable practices, recognising and understanding the needs of the employees of today and tomorrow. All of this is in service of answering the question, “Who is not here at the table - VaynerMedia as a company?.”We work by the practice of centering community and safe space at he heart, driven in our DE&I efforts as we continue to stand up for our employees from different backgrounds, beliefs and walks of life. From equitable retention practices to experiential training experiences, we're working to launch sustainable practices across our agency in 2023 that are measured and time-bound (OKRs). Our commitment to our employees in 2023 is providing an increasingly diverse working environment, central hub of resources, policy hot links, and services that currently service our various intersectional communities across each of our offices.

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