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4-day week

Core hours 10–4

4-day week
Core hours 10–4


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We asked employees of Tevent how satisfied they were with flexible working, and this is what they told us

Employees are very happy with their working location freedom
Employees are very happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are largely happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that they can find the perfect balance of life and work
Role modelling
Employees feel that flexible working is part of the culture
Employees feel they have complete autonomy over getting their work done

Company benefits

4-day week
Work from home allowance
Adoption leave
“Pawternity” leave
Work from anywhere scheme
Fertility treatment leave
Compassionate leave
20 days annual leave + bank holidays
Religious celebration leave
Equity packages
Annual pay rises
Personal development days
What Tevent employees think

Honestly love working here, it's definitely the most professional fulfillment I've experienced in my career (been in the working world since 2017). The company is super respectful of different commitments that people have, and is very flexible in enabling people to get both work and life done to the best degree!

I love 100% flexibility in my worksplace!

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Tevent: Revolutionizing Virtual Sales Engagement

Tevent is your all-in-one platform for virtual sales generation events and webinars, empowering businesses to excel in their growth and sales goals, regardless of their resources or experience.

The outbreak of Covid accelerated the adoption of conferencing and virtual meeting tools. However, three years later, the market remains under-served by non-specialised platforms that fail to meet the evolving needs of an increasingly challenging sales market.

Enter Tevent, the solution to these market deficiencies. Our platform seamlessly analyses attendee behavior, providing actionable insights to optimise communication throughout the marketing funnel.
We enable event organisers to understand their audience, identify warm prospects, and create engaging content that surpasses traditional methods.

With Tevent, bid farewell to wasted leads, time consuming administration, and platform complexities. We are committed to delivering an optimal experience for both event organisers and their audience. As a startup, we challenge industry norms and aim to be your trusted partner in achieving your goals.

Join Tevent today to unleash a future where virtual sales engagement knows no boundaries. Enhance your business's value proposition and seize limitless opportunities.

Flexible working at Tevent

At Tevent, we have a ‘let’s get the job done, let’s love what we’re building, and let’s love how we do it’ ethos. We’re not prescriptive in how the team approaches work. Flexibility in hours and location is absolutely encouraged - the key thing is that we’re responsible with our work, and enjoy the process as we grow!

We have core hours between 10-3pm which most of the team stick by out of convenience, but if you want/need to have arrangements outside of that, it isn’t a problem in the slightest. For instance, our CTO has just had a child so has been on paternity leave.

There has never been a situation where requests for flexible arrangements have been denied - team members have worked in locations all across Europe, which has been beneficial for financial/family/recreational reasons, amongst others!

Approach to diversity & inclusion

Top down diversity is absolutely essential for the growth and potential of any business. As such, it has been an essential part of Tevent’s young history, and will play a huge part in our future.

We’ve been lucky to have wide representation across the founding team (first 10 employees) including the CEO, consisting of diverse backgrounds: LGBTQ+ legends, second generation immigrant superstars, neurodivergent A-players, and ages between 18 and 40, etc.

It is imperative that team members are not just welcomed, but empowered and encouraged to bring their best self to work, no matter their background. This is important for not just a successful and progressive company, but the world we’re trying to create.

What do we think of Tevent?

Tevent not only offer an excellent product (we use them for our webinars!) but they also have a genuinely impressive team and an incredible culture. The feedback from employees is excellent - we love to see it!