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TELUS International

TELUS International supports a global community of 1 million+ members who help our customers collect, enhance, train, translate and localise their content to build better AI models. Our AI Community is diverse, talented and vibrant. We welcome people of all backgrounds, capabilities and circumstances - and we remain deeply committed to fostering a fair, equal and healthy environment in which all community members can thrive.

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About TELUS International

We help companies test and improve machine learning models via our global AI community of over 1 million annotators and linguists. Our proprietary AI training platform handles all data types (e.g. text, images, audio, video and geo) across over 500 languages and dialects. Our AI Data Solutions vastly enhance AI systems across a range of applications, from advanced smart products, to better search results, to expanded speech recognition, to more human-like bot interactions and so much more.

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