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The RSPB is passionate about nature, dedicated to saving it. Since we started on our mission in 1889, the threats to nature have continued to grow, but we've grown to meet them too.

We’re now the largest nature conservation charity in the country, consistently delivering successful conservation, forging powerful new partnerships with other organisations and inspiring others to stand up and give nature the home it deserves.

About us

The RSPB uses its expertise in birds and nature to provide evidence-based solutions to the nature and climate emergency, helping people live well in harmony with nature.

We believe that all species have a right to exist and that nature is fundamental to human health and wellbeing. We work with our partners to keep common species common, recover threatened species, protect and restore special places and inspire and enable everyone to act for nature.

At the RSPB, we believe it is our moral duty to pass on the natural world in a better state to future generations, so we want to create a world where

  • wildlife is abundant and diverse in our towns and countryside
  • we have a resilient, sustainable economy that values nature
  • all people are living well in harmony with nature
  • birds and other wildlife have made a comeback
  • nature continues to be restored, enriching and sustaining the lives of people
  • we benefit from a stable climate, and clean air and water

Flexible working approach

RSPB supports its workforce to work flexibly at the time and in the location that enables them to give of their best and meet the needs of the business.

Through our employee policies, network of shared workplaces and our support for homeworking, we provide a consistent and inclusive experience that reflects our brand and values and contributes to RSPB being an employer of choice.

Company FlexScore™

Scoring against our flexibility index (1 = not at all flexible, 100 = couldn’t be more flexible, 51 is average) using a number of parameters to assess flexibility such as working from home, hours, frequency of travel, benefits, etc.


Employee FlexScore™

Scoring against our employee perception index (1 = not seen as flexible, 100 = couldn’t be happier with the flexibility, 51 is average) using a number of more emotional / perception based questions to understand whether employees feel supported and offered what they want. The areas we cover are work-life balance / managerial support / flexible benefits / working environment / and many others.


I feel the RSPB is very flexible and this is reflected through the Line Management chain - I know I have the flexibility on a daily basis to start early / finish late, if something crops up at home - I am very satisfied :)

RSPB Employee

Company employees
Gender diversity (male:female)
Across all 4 UK Countries
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Approach to diversity & inclusion

The RSPB believes that nature is everybody’s right and being an equal, diverse organisation is the right thing
to do to find solutions to our common challenges.
We recognise the value of difference and want to support all candidates and employees to unlock
their potential.
We want to better reflect the communities in which we work and we are not prepared to tolerate
workplace discrimination.

Read our Diversity policy statement here

What do we think of RSPB?

We love to see charities embracing flexibility, the RSPB were quick to adapt to the pandemic and have found that employees had benefitted from the changes and are now offering flexible working across the board. With flexibility at the forefront of the charity, employees are benefitting from a better work-life balance.

If you're passionate about saving nature and birds and want to work for an organisation making a real difference to the wildlife in the UK the RSPB may be your next company.

Meet who might be hiring you

The RSPB is a community. The culture we have here really is one where we support each other to engage and deliver our valuable work.  I personally feel the work I do here makes a difference, and I am proud to say I am an employee.

Where possible we offer flexible working patterns and have affinity support groups as safe spaces to chat and learn from each other.

From a personal perspective, working for a flexible employer, makes all the difference to how I feel valued and trusted to effectively deliver my work and balance these with my own needs.

From the perspective of being a recruiting manager, being able to offer flexibility has allowed more individuals to apply for our roles and clearly supports inclusivity. It helps us to, not just, find the best people for the roles, but also supports applicants who may otherwise be disadvantaged and much more besides.

It really does make the workplace a better place to work!

What they offer their employees

  • Open to part-time employees

  • Open to compressed hours

  • Sabbaticals

  • Enhanced maternity leave

  • Enhanced paternity leave

  • Adoption leave

  • Shared parental leave

  • 24 days annual leave + bank holidays

  • Enhanced sick pay

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