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B2B Platform
Social Impact

Where Cause Meets Skill

Matchable is a B2B platform changing the way companies do business by embedding social impact into business-as-usual-practises.

Our unique approach reimagines volunteering by offering employees unique upskilling opportunities working with exciting non-profits and impact startups. Think using your skills to help disadvantaged farmers in Colombia become cacao entrepreneurs using blockchain, instead of painting a fence on your team volunteer day!

We’d would love to tell you more about this company’s working enviroment and whether Matchable offer flexible working oppotunities. Sadly, we can’t, as they are not currently verified as a flexible employer

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Flexible working at Matchable

  • Does Matchable offer remote work?
  • What company benefits does Matchable offer?
  • Does Matchable have a dog-friendly office?
  • Does Matchable offer flexible working hours?
  • Does Matchable offer part-time work?

We don’t have the answers just yet, but if Matchable gets Flexified and verified as a truly flexible employer, we’ll be the first to let you know.

In the meantime, you might want to check out our jobs page to view other flexible job opportunities available from some incredible companies.

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What employees are saying

"I am currently working part-time and Matchable has been amazingly flexible with my schedule. I get to work any time from anywhere, I am trusted to get my work done by the deadline, no questions asked. I feel extremely lucky to have this opportunity!"

Anonymous Matchable Employee

About us

Since you’ve likely searched if Matchable offers flexible working, or perhaps you currently work here — you’ll already know who they are and what they do.

If you work at Matchable and want to get them verified as a flexible employer, there is no need to wait, you can get started here.

Flexible working at Matchable

From the beginning, Matchable has been committed to being a flexible employer.

Our general policy is that it doesn't matter where or when you're working, as long as you get your work done.

Location: We have offices in Bank for those who want to work from an office, but generally encourage the team to work how they prefer, with flex to come into the office if it's more productive or for specific team socials or brainstorming sessions etc. For example, our CTO is fully remote (he lives by the beach in Falmouth!). 

Working hours: We encourage the team to work when works for them as that's when they're at their most productive! Some of the team are real early birds and will start at 6am and finish in the early afternoon. Others start later and take a break for lunch. We want you to be able to balance life and work.

Other flex / benefits: Pets can be brought to the dog friendly office, we have therapy on demand from Spill, employee benefits that are centred around wellness and mental health from Juno, book club, monthly team socials which is followed by a monthly team day off where we close the office for everyone to get a break! We have unlimited holidays and encourage the team to take at least 25 days per year, with this also being a KPI!

Approach to diversity & inclusion

Because Matchable isn’t recognised as a truly flexible employer, we’re unable to tell you about their approach to diversity, equality and inclusion. This may change so keep your eyes peeled.

To find diverse and inclusive employers with some fantastic flexible job opportunities and great benefits, you can head over to our companies page.

What do we think of Matchable?

After speaking with the founder of Matchable; Wai Foong Ng, it was very clear to me that she had thought of her employees' well-being from the very beginning. She's a prime example of how the modern founder should be looking towards their workforce, as important and as valuable as the deliverable product itself. Her continuous introduction of flexible benefits through different avenues continues to grow, from the type of office, the WFH options, the book club, the therapy provider, and more. It is facilitating an environment where employees can be the best version of themselves and connect more closely as a team to produce the best outcomes.

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At its core, Matchable is about bringing people together, so diversity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords to us. We are building an inclusive culture where everyone is encouraged to bring their authentic selves and feel a sense of belonging. We recognise there is more to be done and are committed to making equality a core part of our business.

Wai Foong Ng, Founder at Matchable