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Fully flexible hours

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Fully flexible hours



Series A

Make any building a smart building.

Our mission is to use Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning is to increase productivity and commercial impact whilst minimising the climate burden of buildings.

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None of the information on this profile can be confirmed until Infogrid has completed the verification process with Flexa. Work for Infogrid? Claim this page

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Company benefits

  • Work from anywhere scheme
  • 26 days annual leave + bank holidays
  • Work from home allowance
  • Co-working space allowance
  • Teambuilding days

Infogrid may offer more benefits, but we cannot confirm this until FlexificationTM is completed

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Working at Infogrid

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Office locations

London, Tallinn, Remote (USA, EMEA, APAC)

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United Kingdom
United States
What employees are saying

"Infogrid is amazing at offering flexibility. I am currently working fully remote and whilst I have a place in the office, I can be there as much or as little as I want. I love that things move very fast here, whenever I have had a query or a blocker, it's always been resolved really quickly."

Anonymous Product Manager at Infogrid

Careers at Infogrid

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About us

Founded in 2018, Infogrid is making the unfulfilled promise of scalable IoT (Internet of Things) a reality. Our goal is to be the global go-to provider for connected devices in smart buildings, creating dynamic solutions for everyday challenges. Our core product principles are simplicity, low cost and thus scalability; this ethos is critical to our operations and decision making.

We are a small, rapidly expanding team, but already have a broad portfolio of blue-chip clients and products across the globe – a testament to the strength of our product-market-fit. We recently raised $15.5m Series A funding led by Northzone. This funding will help accelerate our expansion, finding great talent and growing our presence in the US to meet commercial demand.

The Infogrid platform is capable of handling millions of data events from hundreds of thousands of sensors every day. With cutting-edge, low-cost micro sensors provided by 3rd party technology partners, we're able to turn any building into a smart building at a fraction of the cost of existing providers.

The simplicity of our solution enables clients to self-install thousands of sensors in a matter of hours, and receive immediate real time data. With the analytics and reporting we generate, companies can run more efficiently, pre-empt failures, save money, improve compliance and deliver a better working environment.

Flexible working at Infogrid

Infogrid takes a very open-minded, approach to flexible working, applying "grown-ups rules."

Employees are asked to come to the office occasionally, such as for strategy days, but otherwise can work from anywhere.

Infogrid is a place where you can grow your career: we make it a point to promote from within, and give everyone options in the company. As an added bonus, we give everyone a day per month to focus on personal development.

In our survey with Flexa, nearly all employees stated that management support for flexible working is "excellent."

Approach to diversity & inclusion

Because Infogrid isn’t recognised as a truly flexible employer, we’re unable to tell you about their approach to diversity, equality and inclusion. This may change so keep your eyes peeled.

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What do we think of Infogrid?

Infogrid are on the forefront of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. A relatively new company (founded in 2018), they're already working with blue chip clients and are in a period of hyper-growth. From a flexibility perspective, they ranked highly on our Flexibility index from both an employer and employee perspective.

Meet who might be hiring you

Join Infogrid’s rapidly growing team on our journey to make the unfulfilled promise of scalable IoT (Internet of Things) a reality, and every building a smart building!

We operate on "grown-up rules," which means understanding that everyone works differently, and giving each other the respect and opportunity to do our best work.

Transparency, respecting individuality and fostering inclusion are at the heart of the Infogrid culture. We see maintaining this to be critical to our success as we continue to grow as a business.

Max Encke, Talent Operations Manager at Infogrid