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A little flex time

Most flexible Healthtech & Healthcare companies – 3rd
A little flex time



Great minds don't think alike

We exist to empower every young person to build the capabilities for long-term mental health, successfully navigate life’s challenges and experience a better quality of life.

We asked employees of Healios how satisfied they were with flexible working, and this is what they told us

Employees are very happy with their working location freedom
Employees are largely happy with the flexibility in the hours they work
Employees are largely happy with the benefits their company offers
Work-life balance
Employees feel that they can switch off quite easily from work
Role modelling
Employees feel that most people work flexibly
Employees feel that they can mostly manage how they get their own work done

Company benefits

Open to part-time employees
Open to job sharing
Open to compressed hours
Enhanced maternity leave – phased transition, where employees will be able to return to their role on 50% of their contracted hours for 3 months and receive full pay
Enhanced paternity leave – Two weeks full pay
Adoption leave – Matched with Maternity & Paternity
Work from anywhere scheme
25 days annual leave + bank holidays
Work from home allowance
Teambuilding days
What Healios employees think

Mentions of

It is a fantastic company to work for gives a fantastic work life balance, great communication at all levels, remote IT support that is efficient and exceptional, totally remote flexibility connecting with clients and colleagues. Open and honest work culture and ethic. Great place to work. If you have the skills and are looking for a better life and work balance- look no further join us as soon as you can.

Most flexible, supportive company I have ever worked for.

Initially setting boundaries working from home was a challenge for me; however, after around 6 months I started to get into the sync of things, and now I love it. My working week is 9-5, Monday to Friday, but there is enough flexibility that I can fit around my children when they finish school, and ensure their needs are met, and I can log on later in the evening to make my hours up. I also have more time, as I am no longer travelling, so if I want to I can wake up a little earlier and log on before the kids get up for school. My kids love having me around more, which is bonus.

Healios is an excellent organisation to work for. Once you have settled into the structure of the role, it can flow easily and be adaptable around your needs. They are responsive to childcare, school pick ups and other regular life commitments. We also have 2 life leave days, which means you don't need to lose annual leave for those commitments which aren't exactly "relaxing".

Some roles are perhaps more flexible than others in the hours worked, but ultimately I feel Healios is very supportive of their employees allowing staff to choose the hours and routine that works for them and their work-life balance.

Training budget is good. Life days is good. I can manage my own diary

I work a 9 day fortnight at Healios and having every other Monday to meet with friends, family, shop, relax and catch up on jobs is absolutely wonderful and I could not imagine having this now I have had the opportunity. It makes such a massive difference to my work-life balance.

Healios is the most flexible company I have ever worked for, and extremely supportive of working in a way that suits our personal and professional commitments. I feel trusted to work autonomously and ensure the work is done, regardless in the way I get it done.

This is the most flexible company i have ever worked for. Everyone works from home, and in my role, i feel that i can work autonomously and get the job done in a way that works for me. If there's sports day at my children's school, or one of them needs to be collected early because of sickness, it genuinely isn't an issue...which means i can balance having a job that i love, and am good at, with also not compromising on being a good mum - I've never worked for a company before where i felt that one of my 'roles' wasn't being compromised in some way, but here, the balance is perfect. Healios also actively encourages us to take time out of our working day to do activities like Yoga, meditation and 'walking Wednesdays'.....don't get me wrong, my role is busy, and at times intense....but you expect that, its work after all, but i really feel that there is balance, flexibility and support.

Everything is work from home, but there is the opportunity to go into the office if that's what works for you. I don't feel isolated at all, and my line manager has been very supportive of my work-life balance and my working hours. Due to the nature of the role there isn't complete freedom around where you work due to the need for confidentiality. But overall, it's a great work environment, that's very supportive and flexible to your needs.

Very happy to work here! It is an amazing company to work for. I feel incredibly supported from my colleagues all the way up to the senior management team. Flexibility is encouraged

Healios leads the way in terms of flexibility and a culture of trust

Working for Healios has been a dream come true. From the fun and welcoming culture to the incredible support I receive from my manager, I couldn't ask for a better work family!! I feel truly grateful to be a part of such an amazing organization!

I am happy with being able to carry out my work from a home environment, and the flexibility that offers. The team are very supportive when it comes to changes and fact that we are not micro-managed encourages staff to be able to offer their best work without pressure.

I have no issues with flexible working and have been supported with adjusting working hours taking time off when needed.

Healios is a brilliant place to work. Whilst the remit of the business can be very demanding and challenging at times, the flexibility, lack of commute, generous benefits package and funding provided for furniture and kit, is great. I have also found that I am more productive now I have autonomy and flexibility over my work schedule and without the distractions of the office and travelling between sites/clinics. Working for a fully remote company is the best decision I have made in terms of my work wellbeing, and work/life balance. There is also a strong focus on keeping people connected throughout the working day and someone is always on hand for support. It's the best of both worlds; convenience and flexibility of home working with the feel of a supportive and friendly office culture, backed by a values based company ethos of improving access to exceptional healthcare for children, young people, and families.

I am happy being able to work entirely from home and happy with the hours I do and know that as long as I get my work done my employer is happy. Flexibility is something I feel I have so works well for me with family life / work life.

I love working for Healios!!! Its the best job for me at this stage of my career/working life and the flexibility, support and benefits suit me very well.

Working for Healios is great and fulfilling.

As we are a online company clinicians need to be tech savvy, to navigate the clinical platform.

There is a demand for a high quality of assessment and report writing.

Healios are dynamic and changes / updates can be made quickly to meet the service needs and clinicians needs to be able to adapt.

I am generally pleased with the working environment. I love working from home and for the most part I have a better work/life balance compared to previous jobs I have had. I would prefer it if my company offered term time contracts, or shorter working days to fit around school hours, as juggling work and school holidays is a challenge.

I am so thankful and grateful to work for such a fantastic company! Healios has provided me with the healthy life balance I so desperately needed. Working within the mental health field, I have been guilty (like so many others) of neglecting my own mental health needs. Working for this company really has been the greatest work experience I have ever had. I feel so happy and content in my role knowing I can work flexibly to suit me. As for the benefits, so generous! I get a real sense of the company doing their very best to not only support their clients but also their employees. I feel well and truly supported, valued and left wanting to do the very best I can to deliver the quality service in return for the quality care I receive from Healios. I want to meet our targets and expectations rather than feel like I have to. It's true what they say, love your work and you'll never work a day in your life. I strongly feel this way about working for Healios!

Working at Healios

Company employees


Gender diversity (male:female)

15% Male - 80% Female - 2% Non-Binary

Office locations


Funding levels

£7 million

Hiring Countries

United Kingdom
Awards & Achievements
Most flexible Healthtech & Healthcare companies – 3rd

Most flexible Healthtech & Healthcare companies – 3rd

Industry awards 2022

About us

At Healios, we are focused on uniting talent and innovation to create positive change. 

We’re redefining the way mental health, autism and ADHD services are delivered for children and young people – and changing the lives of those we support for the better.

UNITED BY OUR VISION - We pride ourselves on our purpose.

LEADING WITH EMPATHY - We champion people who care.

PIONEERS IN CURIOSITY - We discover our potential, together.

At Healios we believe - GREAT MINDS DON'T THINK ALIKE

Whether you’re seeking new learning opportunities, or the chance to embrace a more inspiring role, we’re committed to helping you do your best work, while providing an open and inclusive workplace where you can thrive.

Our head office is in London, UK, but all of our clinical work is carried out remotely. Through our culture of innovation, we’re constantly striving to develop new tools and techniques that will allow us to remove further barriers to care. In doing so, we can help more children and young people to access the quality support they deserve.

Flexible working at Healios

At Healios, we are passionate about being a flexible workplace. We recognize that our people are our biggest asset in helping us achieve our mission to ensure that every young person can build the capabilities for long-term mental health, successfully navigate life’s challenges and experience a better quality of life. At the core, we're a highly motivated and energetic team, bringing a wide range of talents, experience and knowledge to solve complex challenges

With a remote-first approach, the vast majority of our team work from home (but you'll have access to a co-working space if you'd like to collaborate in person). We're flexible around hours, so if you need to do the school run, or attend a medical appointment, you can fit your work around your needs.

Alongside our flexible approach to work, we offer our employees outstanding benefits, including 33 days of annual leave, enhanced parental leave, a work from home allowance, and "life leave," 2 days of extra leave to take when things you can't plan for happen.

Come join us – we have a culture that challenges the status quo in pursuit of providing exceptional healthcare and an unrivalled experience for the clients and families we support.

Approach to diversity & inclusion

“Do the right thing” is one of our core values at Healios. And building a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels supported is absolutely the right thing to do.

Whether we’re developing a new service line or enhancing one of our products, we need people with different skills, backgrounds, identities and perspectives to ensure our innovations will work for the children and young people we are here to serve. By embracing diversity, we can deliver better care experiences and outcomes, while tackling the inequalities in healthcare provision that exist today.

What do we think of Healios?

Healios work alongside the NHS to support families and children with Autism, ADHD and Mental Health. The team at Healios were passionate about flexible working. The benefits and enrichment of life for its employees are the driving force behind this. They believe the flexibility offered to employees allows them to offer fantastic services to those that require it.

Nicolle and the team at Healios were great throughout the flexification process, providing transparency and showing a commitment to flexible working practices. Looking to make a difference? Then apply for a role at Healios if the right role becomes available.

Awards & Achievements
Most flexible Healthtech & Healthcare companies – 3rd

Most flexible Healthtech & Healthcare companies – 3rd

Industry awards 2022