London, Cheltenham, US, Australia and Bulgaria
B2B Marketing
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1–2 days per week at home

Core hours 11 - 3

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Today’s marketers live on the hot seat, facing constant pressure to prove results amidst a climate of continual change and sky-high expectations. We combine data, technology and creativity, delivering Account-Based Marketing solutions and innovations that turn that chaos into clear actions to fuel success.

About us

Founded in 2013, Agent3 is a fast-growing global Account-Based Marketing services and technology agency with offices across London (UK), Woodbridge (UK), Cheltenham (UK), Sydney (Australia), Sofia (Bulgaria), New York (USA) and San Francisco (USA). We are a unique team of more than 130 ABM experts, inspired to make account-centric marketing the best practice for enterprise marketers everywhere. We are strategists, creators, analysts, inventors, data scientists and developers who thrive on our clients’ success. We proudly work with some of the largest and most interesting B2B brands in the world, including Salesforce, LinkedIn and Pure Storage. Our work is top-notch, and our people are world-class.

Flexible working approach

At Agent3 we want to create a working environment and a culture that allows all our people to deliver great work, while having the flexibility to balance their work and home life. At the centre of this is trust. We trust all our employees to deliver excellent work and to meet their commitments to clients and each other. And in exchange we give them the flexibility to figure out with their managers and team what works best for them to achieve that.

What does that mean in practice? Outside of core hours of 11am - 3pm, our teams can adjust their hours to suit their needs. We also offer a hybrid working structure where the purpose of going into the office is to collaborate, create or connect with colleagues, partners and clients. So if you don’t have any of those commitments then you’re free to decide whether you work from the office, from home or somewhere else that day. Given that, most employees will work 1-2 days per week from home, although we also fully support remote working for some roles.

Company FlexScore™

Scoring against our flexibility index (1 = not at all flexible, 100 = couldn’t be more flexible, 51 is average) using a number of parameters to assess flexibility such as working from home, hours, frequency of travel, benefits, etc.


Employee FlexScore™

Scoring against our employee perception index (1 = not seen as flexible, 100 = couldn’t be happier with the flexibility, 51 is average) using a number of more emotional / perception based questions to understand whether employees feel supported and offered what they want. The areas we cover are work-life balance / managerial support / flexible benefits / working environment / and many others.


"I love how quickly our team can see a need and respond to it. Working remotely, introducing hybrid working and shortened core hours just proves that we are doing good work and are trusted. We're all human at the end of the day too, and I always feel like I can ask and be heard. It's a lovely feeling."

Anonymous Agent3 Employee

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London, Cheltenham, US, Australia and Bulgaria
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What do we think of Agent3?

It's very rare that we have an accreditation where the anonymous employee benchmark scores higher than what the employer benchmark result was. This shows that even though Agent3 is consciously facilitating and improving their flexibility, their employees are even more satisfied than they think. It's a real achievement to have your employees feedback to a level higher than you perceive yourself. Any prospective applicable candidates should definitely be lining up to interview!

Meet who might be hiring you

At Agent3, we want our people to thrive. It’s our aim for our employees to feel like Agent3 is the most rewarding place they’ve ever worked in their careers. We want everyone to feel valued and recognised and for their work to be rewarding every day. We look to make sure everyone has a clear progression path within the business and they’re supported in taking their career in different directions. We care about our people and value their wellbeing. We want them to feel comfortable in bringing their whole selves to work. We operate flexibly, with a task- not time-driven culture, so our teams can balance the demands of work and real life. We also believe that a diverse workforce is not just a social good, but a commercial advantage. If all of that sounds good to you we’d love to hear from you.

Katie Clement, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Agent3

What they offer their employees

  • Open to part-time employees

  • Open to job sharing

  • Open to compressed hours

  • Enhanced maternity leave

  • Enhanced paternity leave

  • Great salary package

  • Internal and external training

  • Bespoke career plans

  • Increasing annual leave based on service