What It's Like Working At Paddle

1st Dec 2022

Paddle employee reviews

“Since I joined in January, I've been impressed by Paddle's culture and work perks. I love the flexibility of remote working with the option to pop into the office if I want to. Having showers, drinks/ food and even a meditation room in the London office make it easier to have a work-life balance. “

Leigh Anne, Events Manager, Paddle

“Paddle was my first fully remote job and I never thought catching up with everything remotely, especially at the beginning, could be as easy as it was. I've also had the opportunity to work from different parts of the world but also enjoying lots of days off: Navigate and Unlimited leave policy are great perks!”

Mario Arranz, Engineer, Payments, Paddle

“I love the flexibility and autonomy I am given at Paddle. How I deliver the expected results in my role is completely under my control. I appreciate being able to choose when, where and how I work.”

Matt Watts, Talent Partner - Engineering, Paddle

“Paddle is an awesome place to work – I was unsure what it would be like starting a new role remotely, but I found everyone to be really friendly, helpful, and supportive. This really helped me settle into my role.”

Dipen Lad, Engineering Manager, Invoicing, Paddle

Employee benefits at Paddle

We had a chat with Paddle to find out what the most popular benefits are and which benefits they think are most valuable to employees.

"Just over a year ago, we launched Paddle @ Work, our new approach to work-life for all global employees. Everything that we offer is designed to support Paddlers around the world to do the best work they can while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. As well as offering competitive pay, share options, pension and private healthcare, we invest heavily in time. We are a digital-first company with a flexible, hybrid model that enables people to choose how, when and where they work. Every Paddler gets unlimited leave so they can take the time they need when they need it, and we offer 16 weeks of paid parental leave for new parents, regardless of gender. Although these are all considered benefits, we believe they are basic fundamentals of creating a flexible work culture. 

One of our most exciting and high-profile benefits is Navigate, the perk that allows you to work by day and travel by night. Via Navigate, Paddlers can work from anywhere, including another country, for up to 45 days a year, and to encourage participation, we provide an AirBnB voucher towards the first trip. Since we introduced the perk, 24% of our employees have chosen to navigate for 939 days, and we expect this to be at 29% by the end of 2022!

As a fast-growth scale-up, we support our Paddlers to grow with us; every Paddler gets an annual learning & development budget to spend however they choose, whether taking a course, working with a skills coach or studying for a qualification. Paddlers also get an additional Sunlight budget which covers the cost of books or an app subscription that supports productivity, focus or skill building, for example. More tailored support is available via our mental health coaches, who offer sessions to Paddlers remotely. 

Another of our much-loved benefits is Juno, the well-being platform where Paddlers can convert their monthly points allowance into pretty much anything. Juno is designed to give people autonomy over how they nurture their well-being and practise self-care; for some, that is a fitness class or a personal trainer; for others, it’s a photography course, a massage or buying houseplants! Paddlers love the freedom they get from the Juno platform, which fits into our Paddle @ Work philosophy of empowering employees to personalise their workdays beautifully. 

As a fast-growing and a global expanding business, we review our benefits regularly to make sure they are relevant and add value to Paddlers everywhere. The world around us is changing fast, and what was implemented last year may not be relevant now. When making decisions about our benefits, we’re always guided by how much value they add to our Paddle @ Work philosophy and how they can support a personalised and flexible working life for our entire team."

Paddle's company benefits: reviews from employees

We also had a chat with a couple of the employees at Paddle to find out what employee perks they love the most and why.

“The Learning and Development budgets and approach is one of the best I've found, and it's so refreshing to work in a company where they understand not one size fits all - you have control over your career and a real opportunity to thrive!”

Lorna, Talent Sourcer, London

“It's difficult to find good work-life balance in companies with ambitious goals, but Paddle excels in that field. Being a full-time employee in a company that lets you travel and live the nomad life is such an amazing benefit! When I joined Paddle, I didn't expect that "unlimited PTO" would be unlimited PTO!”

George, Senior Frontend Engineer, Checkout, London