What Are Remote Jobs And Why Are They The Next Big Thing?

25th Feb 2021

Remote jobs are on the rise as more people are demanding a work/life balance.

What is remote working?

Working all day, 5 days a week at the office has been the accepted UK tradition for decades. Until recently, businesses believed employees could only produce optimal results in the office, and professional remote jobs were hard to find. But people have always wanted more flexibility from employers, and now remote working is becoming the people’s choice because we want a life as well as a career. 

Remote working is a great type of flexible working style that many employers are now offering. Flexible working means professionals can work productively outside of the traditional office environment, from any base they choose. So you might wish to take a flexible job that involves e.g. 3 days a week in the office and 2 days working from home. Or you might prefer flexible working where you can start early and finish early, so you can collect your child from school and enjoy evenings with family. If you apply for a fully remote job, you would work from home all week, perhaps with the occasional team meeting at the office e.g. once a month.

Why are remote jobs so popular?

When employers offer a flexible working style, they enable professionals to take back control of their personal lives. Nobody wants to waste life in a train, bus or car purely for the purpose of getting to the office to do work which can be done just as well (or better) working from home. A remote job allows us to find a work/life balance that makes us content. We don’t all function best in the office and we are not all early risers. Companies that offer flexible working are well-respected because they give us the flexibility to tailor our days around our remote job. For instance, we can walk the dog, collect our kids from school, do grandma’s shopping, go for a run in daylight, start late or finish early etc. Remote working is also ideal for those of us with a disability or a caring role. 

A remote job gives us the freedom to choose when and where we work. Furthermore, people are naturally happier and less anxious in a remote job because they are no longer stressing about important issues like the long commute to work, who is collecting their children, how much Doggy Daycare is costing, or how they will find time to fit in any exercise during the day. All things considered, remote working is incredibly liberating!

Where to find the best professional remote jobs?

So you’ve decided your work/life balance is a priority and that a remote job is the best type of flexible working for you – great choice, after all you deserve a life as well as a career! But how do you go about finding a well-paid, professional remote job which matches your skills and experience? If you’re looking to work from home regularly, or work flexible hours, take a look at the remote jobs on Flexa Careers - a platform set up purely for flexible working professionals and companies. 

You can trust that the position you apply for on Flexa is a genuinely remote job, as only companies verified as truly flexible are allowed to advertise here. Flexa verifies companies in 3 ways - Flexible working hours, working from home and dog friendly offices - and every job advert details which of those three things are offered. As well as browsing professional remote jobs from some of the best brands in your industry at Flexa Careers, you can receive tailored job matches straight to your inbox to be sure you never miss out on your ideal remote job.