Flexibility Allows Me To Spend Time On My Business

1st Dec 2020

Our #MyWorkFlex blog focuses on the people whose lives have been positively impacted by flexible working. We have Jamie with us this week. Flexibility has allowed him to focus on some brilliant causes and start to build his own business.

Please could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, I'm Jamie, a 27 year old living in London. I work as an Account Executive at 11:FS, specifically on our Pulse product, helping financial institutions design better digital experiences for their customers. Outside of that, I'm a mental health ambassador and advocate, hosting the Man Down podcast, focused on men's mental health and masculinity. As a part of my mental health work, I have also trained as a breathwork coach and recently launched my newest venture, The Breath Space.

What does "flexible working" mean to you?

For me, flexible working means trust on both sides. Given that I work full-time at 11:FS, there needs to be a mutual trust that I will get the job done but that I also have my other projects that I'm really passionate about. Flexible working is the ability for me to work 40 hours a week in whatever format that might look like, so that I can also dedicate the time I want to my other work.

How do you think flexible working has impacted your life?

It's been incredibly freeing for me and it's had a really positive impact. Feeling trusted by the company and having the ability to work on my own projects means that I'm happier, and as a result more productive, in everything I do - it's a win, win.

Is this your ideal working pattern? Or what would your ideal working pattern be?

As I start to grow The Breath Space and the podcast, I do think I will come to a point where I want to dedicate more time to these. Especially with the breathwork side of things, I will be seeing clients and running workshops, so the more time I can have for this the better. I don't know what the ideal would be, but I'd like to find a balance.

What is it about having the freedom of flexibility that matters the most to you?

It's a cliche but it really comes down to work-life balance. A shift in mindset away from 'work is the be-all-and-end-all' towards an understanding of what I actually need to feel fulfilled and ultimately, happy.

If you were looking for another job, would you worry about maintaining the same level of flexibility?

100%, it would be a huge factor for me. I couldn't work somewhere if I didn't feel like I would be able to keep up my other projects.

Is there anything else that you feel our readers would like to know about you, or flexible working, or life generally?

It would be silly of me not to shamelessly promote my breathwork coaching. I know a lot of people are sceptical of this kind of stuff, mainly because I was a sceptic myself, but breathwork has been the single most important thing for my mental health outside of therapy! www.thebreathspace.co.uk

Thanks so much, Jamie! If you're interested in featuring in our #MyWorkFlex series, please drop us a line on hello@flexa.careers