Sam’s flexible working story

In this Q&A, we talk with Sam Schultz, an Employee Experience Manager. Sam shares how remote working has helped him spend more time with his family in Australia, and helped him manage his ADHD diagnosis.

5th Jun 2024

Flexible working has transformed the way we live and work, giving us the freedom and balance we've all been craving. It lets people tailor their schedules to fit their unique lifestyles, working how and where they want. To find out more about the impact of remote and flexible work arrangements, we're sharing real success stories from those who have experienced the benefits firsthand.

Name: Sam Schultz

Job role: Employee Experience Manager

What’s your flexible working set up? Fully remote

1. How has flexible working influenced your productivity and job satisfaction?

I know when I'm at my best and when distractions hit hardest. Right before lunch and between 5-7 PM are my productivity sweet spots! Having the flexibility to work on my own schedule means I can get things done more efficiently. Not having a daily commute helps too. Being fully remote lets me choose where I work each day. If I need some social energy, I head to a co-working space. But on days with back-to-back calls, I grab my coffee pot, shut my home office door, and dive in.

2. Can you share specific examples of how flexible working has made it easier to manage your personal and professional responsibilities?

Flexible working has truly been a game-changer for me, and I can't stress enough how much it's improved my life. With my family all the way in Australia while I’m on the other side of the world, being fully remote means I can visit home and spend quality time with them without burning through all my PTO days. It’s work as usual, all while enjoying my mum's home cooking!

Another huge win for me has been the move from Berlin to Galicia. The quality of life here is simply unmatched, and it’s something I appreciate every single day.

Localyze really goes above and beyond by offering a remote working allowance. This initiative emphasises human connection, mental health, and productivity. I get to work from my fully equipped home office, and/or I can extend trips to places where other Localitos are based. This allows us to collaborate on projects, build meaningful connections, and stay motivated until our next meetup.

3. Have you experienced any challenges or obstacles related to flexible working, and if so, how have you overcome them?

Many remote employees, including myself, have faced challenges like feeling lonely or missing the sense of belonging that comes with working in an office. Especially in my first remote role, I struggled with this. It made me rethink my work setup and routine. I realised I thrive around people, so I started spending a few days a week at cafes, coworking spaces, or inviting my friends around to co-work from my apartment, which gave me the boost I needed.

Setting work-life boundaries is crucial too. It's easy to find yourself checking Slack during breakfast and diving into work before you're ready. Without the natural end-of-day cues like commuting home, it can be hard to draw a line between work and personal time. To manage this, I’ve found that turning off work notifications on my phone is effective. I'm fortunate to have a spare room that I’ve turned into my office, and being able to shut the door at the end of the day really helps me switch off and unwind.

Ultimately, remote work isn’t for everyone. You need to be self-driven and disciplined. It’s not the pyjama party my office-dwelling friends imagine. You need to stay focused, have great communication skills, and be able to thrive in this environment.

4. Can you discuss how flexible working has helped you manage health-related issues, such as migraines or other medical conditions?

Flexible working has been incredibly beneficial for me, particularly after being diagnosed with ADHD while working remotely. The flexibility allowed me to process and understand my diagnosis at my own pace. I could make time for self-reflection and meditation (still working on that), helping me find my rhythm and work with my condition rather than against it.

Having a flexible schedule also meant I could easily visit doctors, psychologists, and therapists to get the diagnosis and support I needed. This level of flexibility and understanding has been invaluable. Ideally, other companies would be empathetic and allow time for such needs during the workday. However, they might be more probing, and in turn forcing you to be more open about your situation before you're ready or fully understand it yourself. This could be quite confronting conversations for some people, considering psychological safety, having the space to concentrate on my mental health has made a significant difference.

5. How do you think flexible working has contributed to your career growth and development?

While your company provides opportunities and support, it's up to you to seize those chances, steer your growth journey, and keep pushing yourself forward. I think indirectly for me, having more time for myself with no commute, flexible hours, and the ability to take workations allow me to maintain a strong work-life balance. Keeping me motivated, productive, and eager to grow alongside the team.

6. Is your company supportive of you working flexibly? Are there any policies they have in place that have helped you?

Localyze rated quite highly on the Flexa ranking compared to other companies on the list — which is great!

Our LocaBoost (remote working) allowance, that I mentioned earlier, is a real game-changer. It recognises that we're all unique and lets Localitos invest in what gets them pumped up and productive instead of forcing everyone into the same mould.

In relation to PTO and taking time off, Localyze has really thought it through. We get 28+1 days PTO per year, regardless of where you are. And, once you hit your second year here, you can score up to 2 months of sabbatical leave! I am a few months shy of my 2 years, but I am considering it for 2025.

I also have access to wellness and mental health benefits, 1:1 counselling sessions, I get my gym membership reimbursed, and have loads of wellness resources available to reflect, learn, and challenge myself.

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