4 Types Of Flexible Working

16th Mar 2021

Flexible working has become even more popular since Lockdown. Many skilled employees are demanding flexibility with their working week to achieve work-life balance. Looking ahead, flexible working is expected to be a permanent option offered by many companies. We examine the 4 main types of flexible job opportunities becoming available for professionals across the country.

What is a flexible job?

A Flexible job is empowering, offering you the flexibility to plan your working week and personal life successfully. Studies have found that when employees are given the option of flexible working - i.e. the freedom to choose when, where and how they work – they have greater job satisfaction, stay with their companies longer and have a positive sense of wellbeing. Lockdown has proven that flexible working professionals are just as productive when working from home, as long as they set clear boundaries between their work life and personal life. Flexible jobs for professionals can be broken down into 4 categories – which type of flexible job will help you achieve work-life balance?

Types of flexible jobs:

1) Working from home or remote jobs

Employees who choose a remote job tend to be happier working permanently away from an office environment. They are often well-organised and able to ensure work life does not encroach on home life. You don’t have to work from home when you take a remote job – it simply means the role is not office-based. So you could work from anywhere that is quiet, has Wifi and allows you to take the tech you need to be productive. So a remote job could mean you work from home, or from a quiet corner of your favourite café, or even from the terrace of your holiday villa in Skiathos (you lucky thing!). The main advantage of a remote job/working from home is being able to do the things you always wanted to make time for during the day, such as walking the dog, exercising, cooking or doing the school runs. Another great benefit of working from home is not having to spend time and money commuting to the office.

2) Flexible hybrid jobs

This is the ideal flexible job for professionals who want more freedom over when and where they work. Some employers want to offer greater flexibility, but they need you to be in the office for part of the week. This might be because certain tasks must be done in the office, or you need face to face meetings with team members, or particular systems can only be accessed from the premises etc. So your employer might offer you 3 days in the office and 2 days working from home. This type of flexible working suits many professionals who want a break in the week from the office environment. They do a full day’s work from home whilst having the freedom to exercise and cook, or collect the children from school, or lie-in/put the washing on instead of commuting to work.

3) Jobs with flexible hours

This flexible working category is broad, encompassing all employers that offer flexibility in the hours or days that their employees work. A job with flexible hours might offer benefits such as starting or finishing early/late, doing shifts, working part time or job sharing. Compressed hours is also an interesting flexible job option – for example, instead of working a 5 day week, you can work longer hours over 4 days to give yourself the fifth day off. This type of flexible working offers full-time pay for a 4 day week, if you’re willing to work compressed hours.

4) Dog friendly offices

Dog friendly offices are a type of flexible working, if you can’t work from home to keep your dog company, then why not take your dog to the office? Dog-friendly offices are an incredibly popular “flexible working” option and an incentive that attracts many professional, dog-owning employees. As long as your dog isn’t bad-tempered, hyper-active or incontinent, he or she will be most welcome to accompany you to your dog-friendly office every day. The amount you save on Doggy Daycare with this type of flexible working, could go towards a luxury holiday!

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