5 (actually useful) ways to make some progress on finding a new job during the Covid-19 crisis

24th Mar 2020

During the past few weeks, just about every company you have ever given your email address to has emailed to tell you what they're doing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We wish that there was something that we could directly do for all of our candidates (we can't really turn ourselves into a hand-santiser factory) but the best we can do is give some solid advice.

Some companies are still hiring, so spend some time looking at current job vacancies to see if there's anything you like the sound of

Some companies are still actively hiring at the same rates, but most are slowing things down. We are still working with a number of companies to fill some really exciting roles, but things will probably take a bit longer than usual. Our advice: don't panic! Only apply to the roles that you actually want to do, and don't "panic-apply" to loads of open roles. Check out the jobs that we have open here: https://flexa.careers/jobs

Use the time to make a killer CV and tailor it to your applications

We know how time-consuming it can be tailoring your CV to each role, but now that we all have so much more free time, it's something that is worth doing. The main focus from an internal recruiter is on your CV, and if it jumps out to them as really relevant and thought-through, then they are much more likely to remember you and invite you to interview.

Take the time to find the companies that you want to work for

Looking for a new job isn't just about finding a specific role, it's also about finding the right company. Spend some time researching companies that are doing things that excite you, who allow you to bring your dog to the office, or companies with the perfect flexible working policy for you! We are in the process of building out company pages, so that you can do that research through Flexa but, in the meantime, Google works ok for that too!

Learn a new skill that's relevant to your career

There are so many brilliant companies offering virtual training on career skills. Are you a UX designer that could improve their research skills? Jump on a UX research course. Or are you a content producer that could adapt their content to be used in more digital marketing? Learn more about new digital marketing trends. Oh and read those books you've been meaning to read for months! Now is a pretty good time to learn something new, given that we can't go to the pub anymore!

Don't stress and make time to look after yourself

It's a really weird time, and it's ok to feel anxious and uncertain. If there's nothing out there for you on the job market at the moment, don't stress - businesses will bounce back and the right role for you will come. Make sure that during this time you're also taking time to relax, chat to people you care about, and make time for your mental health.

Stay safe, everyone!