Organisational transformation is time-consuming and costly

Flexa's transformation platform has everything that you need to create a truly flexible working environment at a fraction of the usual price; from template policies through to how-to-guides.

We have created the first ever flexible transformation platform

We have launched a BETA flexible transformation platform.

Normally, becoming a flexible workplace requires thousands to be spent on consultants an lawyers, but we have brought all of that knowledge into one, easy-to-use platform that will help you to become truly flexible.

Our transformation package

We provide everything that companies need to become truly flexible and achieve Flexification - our flexible accreditation.


What is included?

We survey your whole company (or whichever parts you choose) in order to provide detailed insights and specific recommendations about the kind of flexibility you should embrace.

Flexible working policies

Covering key topics:

  • Working from home
  • Flexible working
  • Dog friendly offices
  • Extended paternity, maternity and adoption leave
  • Flexible annual leave package (e.g. uncapped leave)
  • Equal opportunities
  • Extended sick leave
  • Part-time hours

Best practices guides & info

Covering flexible topics:

  • Testing & rolling out flexi working
  • Communicating to distributed teams
  • Tech for flexible success
  • Understanding which flexible benefits to offer
  • Onboarding and hiring distributed employees
  • Maintaining employee engagement & company culture
  • Creating an output driven culture

Flexa’s transformation platform is coming soon - if you’d like to be involved in the pilot, register your interest or book a call

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