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If you're not familiar with V7, here's what we do:

V7 is an AI data platform to automate any visual task, voted by Forbes as one of the top 25 machine learning startups of 2021. We have raised $10 million in venture funding and are backed by angels including Francois Chollet (who created Keras), Oriol Vinyals (from Deepmind), and José Valim who created Elixir (our BE language).

We manage the training data and models of hundreds of AI companies and enterprises, spanning tens of thousands of datasets and tens of billions of training data labels. What sets us apart is our team's obsession with pushing our product to where AI will be three years from today.

Here's a bit more on our culture:

What you're expected to build with us:

  • General purpose models (built to generalise across a variety of datasets)
  • Instance and semantic segmentation (centroid approaches, high-fidelity semantic segmentation for labeling)
  • Multi-task models (eg. Taskonomy and related papers)
  • Auto-ML in vision
  • Few-shot, one-shot and zero-shot learning approaches from large self-supervised backbones.

We're based on PyTorch, our BE is in Elixir (erlang), and FE is Vue.js. We make GPU machines available both at our office and in the cloud. We are regular CVPR/NeurIPS/ECCV attendees and in normal times attend as a team (Catch us at CVPR 2022!)

Here are a few things your counterpart(s) worked on recently:

  • Auto-Annotate: Automated image segmentation:
  • An inference and training orchestration engine to run any model request in real-time across a library of computer vision models
  • Visual question answering for document understanding
  • General purpose object detection
  • General purpose object tracking
  • The development of deep image retrieval systems to automatically rank datasets by content-based parameters without the need of prior training


  • The ability to provide tech leadership on a product - having a sufficiently wide and deep knowledge of computer vision techniques and technologies to pick a good direction.
  • Ownership of a DL/ML project - ideally overseeing it from idea to production
  • Profound understanding of deep learning, from the underlying math, to the ability to illustrate landmark papers within the vision domain (given enough prep time)
  • Experience in a management role or a desire to step into one. A willingness and/or track record of mentoring junior team members
  • A self-starter who is willing to adapt their approach to help the company succeed
  • A curious, scientific mind
  • Fluent in English


  • Experience in a web-based platform or product
  • Full-stack experience - whilst we have dedicated frontend and backend developers, as a Lead understanding the stack end-to-end can benefit your ability to scope out new features.


  • Unlimited vacation, just tell us when you need time off
  • Stock options
  • Work from anywhere
  • 7-day company retreats in stunning locations
  • New Apple hardware
  • Paid tickets, accommodation, and travel to relevant conferences, nationally or internationally (NeurIPS, ICCV, CVPR, ...) to expand your network & knowledge during normal times
  • Central London office with standing desks and 4K monitors
  • Unlimited high-quality coffee, tea, snacks, and other comforts every day
Artificial Intelligence
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3–4 days per week at home

Set hours

Dog friendly