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Infogrid is helping protect the planet and improve the lives of billions of people by making every building a smart building.

Our goal is to be the global provider for connected devices in smart buildings. We already handle millions of events every day from tens of thousands of sensors and we’d like you to help us scale that by an order of magnitude over the coming months.

Sustainability is at our heart; buildings account for 39% of global carbon emissions and we’re creating real solutions to impact this!

We are still early in our journey but have already achieved a lot; we raised a successful series A funding round, grew 5x in employee numbers within 12 months, and voted one of the top 10 most flexible places to work.

Want to know more about how we'd building Infogrid? Our CTO wrote a blog post about this.

The Product Manager (Hardware) role is a member of the Product Management team and will be instrumental in driving the global expansion of our hardware offering through 3rd party partnering and data science collaboration.

When it comes to smart sensors, the Infogrid system is agnostic. We search the market to source cutting edge “internet of things” hardware that will enable us to best capture the data we require. We evaluate who is best by talking to companies and also putting the hardware through its paces in the real work (both in our own offices and working with customers on their sites). Integrating with a broad selection of sensors enables us to provide clients with a much broader range of capabilities, better enabling them to make their buildings healthier and more sustainable.

In order to be successful in the role and thrive at Infogrid, you must have strong business acumen, exceptional cross functional leadership abilities, creativity to look at problems in new ways and the boldness to try new things, a hypothesis-driven mentality, a balance of interpersonal and analytical skills, display pragmatism and situational-awareness, an iterative approach to product and the organisation and an ability to deal with an unstructured and ambiguous environment and simply be someone who gets things done. We operate on "grown-up rules", which means understanding that everyone works differently, and giving each other the respect and opportunity to do their best work.

Primary Responsibilities:

- Taking a customer-centric approach to hardware product development, ensuring that all propositions we take to market meet our customer needs and that we create products that are valuable to the customer, usable, technically feasible and viable for the business.

- Testing new hardware to support product evolution, ensuring vendor specs meet or exceed customer requirements and align with the Infogrid product principles - easy, affordable, scalable.

- Working closely with users to collect feedback and propose improvements to solutions being developed and already in the market.

- Working closely with data science to make sure the data we receive from any new/improved sensor will add value to our building intelligence platform

- Working with existing and new 3rd party sensor vendors to build good working relationships and driving their innovation to match our vision and roadmap

- Keeping up to date with emerging technologies and working with sensor vendors current and new to ensure Infogrid are on the cutting edge of sensor innovation - driving the industry forwards.

Desired Qualifications

  • Previous experience working in either a Technical, Data, IoT or other hardware space
  • Experience working with hardware. You should also enjoy evaluating hardware solutions as a part of a bigger product proposition and be passionate about how hardware facilitates an outcome for the rest of the business.
  • Some knowledge of large commercial buildings, systems within buildings and the role of facilities managers.
  • Commercial and strategic acumen: knowledge of bringing new products or product features to the market, from collaborative conceptualisation to execution to post-release management.
  • Strong critical thinking skills with an ability to organise, synthesise, and analyse qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and stakeholder management skills.
  • Comfort working in complex and ambiguous situations, including demonstrated effectiveness in early stage product discovery and multi-stakeholder environments.
  • Additional Qualifications:

  • Comprehensive understanding of commercial real estate, how they’re operated and the challenges faced in that space.
  • Experience working with IoT devices, the procurement of devices and the relationship management associated with this.
  • Leadership & Working Style

  • Mission-Driven - ​Passion for reducing the impact of climate change
  • Collaborative and empathic. Understands and promotes that highly functioning successful modern working environments are predicated on collaborative servant leadership models, not command and control.
  • Innovative pragmatism. Successfully balancing the need to constantly push towards end delivery, against your desire for groundbreaking innovation.
  • User-centricity, challenging the status quo and making sure we put customers at the heart of everything we do. Relentless in your pursuit of customer ease in the face of policies, procedures, governance or accepting 'it’s just the way it’s been done before.’
  • Data-Driven/Analytical ​- Clear understanding of which data matters and how to use it effectively.
  • Humble/Collaborative ​- Low ego, willing to be hands-on when necessary; builds and encourages respect across the organisation; seeks input from others to inform their decisions and solutions.
  • Impeccable Integrity and Ethical Standards ​- Someone who models the values of teamwork, collaboration, transparency and results orientation.

We think Infogrid is a great place to work - we’re a recently funded and rapidly growing startup so it’s not perfect but:

❤️ Feel good about your work: Infogrid is actively helping big companies reduce their environmental footprint. We also offset everyone’s carbon footprint.

🤸 We’re flexible: We encourage remote working and offered flexible working hours before COVID and we’ll keep that flexibility afterwards.

📚 Learn and get promoted: Join us at the start of our journey - we’re growing quickly and believe in promoting from within. You can learn and grow your career here.

🌟 Improve yourself: We give everyone a day per month to focus on personal development.

🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏽 Make friends: Everyone here is lovely.

🏠 Added bonus: We give everyone options in the company.

🚀 Join a legitimately secure tech start-up: $15.5M funding round is great of course but more importantly we have real paying customers and a good, growing revenue stream.

And we'll do everything we can to support you during your application. If you need us to make any adjustments to your recruitment process, speak to our recruitment team who will be happy to support you.

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Fully flexible hours