Social Media Strategy Volunteer for Raising Black Achievement


A little flex time


Who is Goodsted?

Goodsted's vision is to empower collaboration for social and environmental progress. We are a platform that connects individuals who want to share/volunteer their skills & expertise with non-profits and impact organisations. Through our digital platform, projects and organisations can post skilled based volunteer needs and find the right person to support their project. It is an open community platform with the aim to nurture collaboration to progress causes we all care about. With this post, we're looking to reach out to individuals interested in volunteering and grow our volunteer community.

Which organisation will you be supporting?

Raising Black Achievement was founded to counter the decades-old issue of Black student underachievement in UK schools. Their efforts raise the academic attainment of African, Caribbean & Mixed Heritage students by resourcing parents, training teachers and advising headteachers and school governors.

What do they want to achieve?

They are aiming to build a Twitter following, a platform that is popular with educators, and a YouTube campaign for their2023 Black-Facts Almanac. They also want to create a LinkedIn campaign and strategy to engage their thousands of connections.

What do they need help with?

They are looking for a social media savy volunteer to help in designing engaging and informative social media templates, building an effective social media posting schedule and ensuring consistent brand messaging across their social media channels.

How will this help?

Supporting Raising Black Achievement is an opportunity to improve the educational experience of hundreds of thousands of children nationwide and raising awareness of their cause.

Time Commitment

A minimum of 3 hours is required.


A little flex time